Acer Tablet A200 [ROMS] and You!

Acer is Good!

I’ve been using the Acer Tablet A200 has been really good with my two weeks of the tablet use and I have been really impressed with it.   I have however decided that I might check out the ROMS that I can use with it as far as using Jelly Bean with the tablet.  If I can install Ice cream sandwich using Acer update then I am most confident that it should also support Jelly bean and I have been looking long and hard for that on my HTC Inspire 4g (ATT) [Affiliate Link].

So let’s get this out of the way!

You will have to unlock and become a Superuser if you wish to install another ROM.  I prefer to find the ones that work best for me and here are some of them that I have to do a lot of explain or even trying to figure it myself.   Here are a Few ways to Root your Acer A200 that I’ve found.   Granted each one of these are “USE at your OWN Risk!” they however seem to be very good at Rooting your device the way you are wanting to.


  • Simple Root — Works with Iconia A200 Tablets and I’ve not had a chance to test it but it might be what your looking for.
  • Acer Tablet Forum Discussion — I will say this tutorial looks promising and should be considered when rooting and unlocking your tablet.


Which ROMS can be used with the A200?

So I’ve also been looking for some Jelly Bean ROMS that would work with the Acer A200 Tablet and I must say they are few and Far Between at least from what I’ve found but I will share with you ROMS that I will check out later on this week and try them out.   Here are the Ones that I’ve found:

So as you can see there isn’t many that I’ve found but I might of missed a few here and there and ask that you help me find those roms that I’ve missed by leaving a comment and a link to that mod.  I’d love to hear if you had problems or if which mod you used or haven’t used and tell me your opinions on them all.   I have downloaded at least one mod to check out and get back with you if It works.   I will post later on the results.

Paul Sylvester

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