The Chromebook experience and the White Screen of Death!

White Screen of Death!

From: [ Version 32.0.1700.95 (Platform version: 4920.71.0)]

The latest update : [ Version 32.0.1700.103 (Platform version: 4920.82.0)]

Had a really strange effect on my system.   Whenever I started booting up the system right after the update, I would just go into a cycle of white screens or I would see the default background for a few minutes and then it would just turn all white!  It got so annoying, I started calling Acer Laptops about it and requesting a Chrome OS Ninja for help on this issue.   They said  I would have to send in my laptop and wait 7 to 10 business days for it to be resolved.   I didn’t have that time or luxury to not be without a laptop so I went back on my resolve to figure this little issue out.   The only thing I could come up with is to go download a new version of Chrome OS for my Acer Laptop by using Windows Recovery Option.   Strange Google should have a way for me to download an ISO of the latest version without having to having to do these steps.

Recovery Options

By Pressing Esc+Refresh then hold down the Power button.  I was able to bring up the “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” message and then after I made a new usb card for my device it booted without a problem.   I do not know what actually happened but it was quite frustrating and Google needs to start providing more ways to recover the system without having to go through so many hoops.   

Has anyone else had this type of problem?  I’d like to know!

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