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Christmas Gift List for 2012 : How to Shop for the Geek in all of Us!

Christmas Is around the Corner!

I know I did a good little post on what your significantant other might want on Christmas last year.  I thought I would update you a list of what they might want this year so you can be looking into getting them that special gift that will make any Geek happy!   This won’t be a complete list but it will be a list to remember and maybe even come back to when it is their birthday!

Simple Stuff!

It isn’t the things that make it hard but always look for the simple things life that brings the most joy.   I am going to demostrate this by giving out a few good simple gifts that will make any geek happy, whether they are male or female.   Nothing has to be expensive but it has to come from the heart!


  • Doctor Who [Affiliate Link]— If they are a Doctor Who Fan this would be a very simple gift idea for them.   Anything Doctor Who will make you an instant favorite in their eyes and it doesn’t have to be expensive just something that they can use time and time again.
  • Big Bang Theory [Affiliate Link]— Here is another  favorite of mine and thus it might be theirs also.  You don’t have to be picky about it just know that if you pick from the year you are more likely to make them smile.
  • Walking Dead [Affiliate Link] — I’ve not really watched this show but I do have people I work with who talk about it constantly so it must be a good show.  If he likes this show then you might want to head on over and find something to compliment the telivision show.


The are only a few ideas but they might work for your man/woman in your life.   Now I know I talked about tablets last year but I do recommend the A200 to A500 Series of the Acers Myself.  They have been nothing but a pleasure to use to watch all my shows that I might ever want.

More Techy Stuff!

If your guy or girl is more tech savy, you might want to consider getting them something like a Roku or even a Netflix Gift card but it just depends on what you want to accomplish.  If your know who your shopping for then you can always figure out what they are looking for.   If I tell you to buy something and am wrong then you will no doubt blame me but if I give some suggestions then you are the one who blame because you didn’t listen to your other half as well as you should.   

I will not give you any major gift ideas because that is something you should do but I do hope this helps you guide you in the right direction.

Paul Sylvester

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