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Why I joined Starfleet-command and How you can too!

The History Of Starfleet Command!


October, 1974 Starfleet Command, an international Star Trek fan club is founded in Lufkin, Texas USA.
Starfleet Command (SFC) is at the forefront of Star Trek organizations dedicated to space exploration. A fan club where friends come together to share their love of science fiction, science fact, and for some a chance to dream of being a part of the Star Trek universe.  [Via Website]

Star Trek and Me!

Growing up, you really only had a few good shows.   It wasn’t until Star Trek became syndicated that it grew in popularity and thus that is when I was became aware of Science Fiction.   It wasn’t something that I liked to talk about in Middle school or even High school but then I found so much more after I got out of High School.
After High school, I started watching Doctor Who, Stargate, Star Trek, and Babylon 5.  Although these are just the pick of the shows that I like to go back and watch.   It hasn’t been hard to find other Science Fiction Shows that I like to watch also!

Then I found Starfleet Command!

When I joined Starfleet in early 2000, it wasn’t something I thought I would keep doing but I did want to check it out and see what this club was all about.   Then I met a really dear and kind friend Paul Sundstrom, who was so pleasant to anyone and everyone in the fleet.   I couldn’t do anything else but to look up to the man and be amazed at how this club go be so non-judgemental about color, or even your background.   Without Paul’s help in understanding the fundelmentals of what Starfleet was about, I probably wouldn’t of stayed a member.   It was his influence in my life that made me dream about being a blogger and also wanting to help others.   It wasn’t until a few years later that he lost his life due to something that was personal to all who knew him.   God rest his soul, and I am proud to call him a friend.  He was with the Uss Halsey and I will always remember him and work hard at being like him.
I joined because I simply wanted to find others who also like Science Fiction and be part of a bigger picture.  
It wasn’t supposed to be this FUN, you’d think it would be boring and no one to talk to but you’d be wrong.   I’ve worked hard and enjoyed it all the way.   I never will regret my decision to stay with Starfleet Command and help them out as a Deputy Chief of Information Technology.   That however has recently changed from being the Deputy to actually being the Head of the department.

How you can Join?

If you want to be part of something bigger and better than you can imagine then it is time to think about Joining Starfleet Command.   Maybe you want to make your own ship or even join one of the many Ships that are out there.   You don’t have to be alone, it can be something fun or interesting.   What ever you decide you aren’t alone.   You have me, and I’ll be more than glad to help you and talk to you.   If you have a question, I’m here for you.   If you want help, I’m here.   I want you to be part of this group and make history in more ways than one.   Be apart of the excitement and make a difference in someone’s life by joining!

Paul Sylvester




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