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Is that special someone out there or is it me?

Single In Evansville, Indiana!

Yep, I am tired of being single and have dating sites such as Zoosk, POF (Plenty of Fish), Christian Mingles, And Christian Singles.  Each one of these worked to a point but isn’t really that helpful.   I have decided that some of these Free Dating sites are nothing more than a lot of noise.   Nothing ever seems to be happen with me on those sites and when I do try to approach any other user and send them a message, I usually just get ignored.  I have been looking over the past year for someone who might make me happy.   This has been the first year that I have used these sites with no luck.   It wasn’t like I wasn’t trying but it just seems like their are to many people going the same way.

To much noise!

These sites seem to make to much noise and not enough results for me.   Each site tries to make you believe they have a special algorithm to find your perfect match.  This however is not always going to be true.  I have yet to find my perfect match and they have yet to give me anything but a lot of noise and some fake identities and scammers.   I finally just have given up my searches with these sites because they seem to just not work.   I’m not getting younger and thus this is my way of finding that one true person.

Facts About Me!

I run this blog, and it has been running for over 7 years.   I like writing, and enjoy a good science fiction movie and shows.  I have not gone out in groups for a while, and consider myself a recluse.   I like to stay home and write.   I also love Technology and thus this is where my blog comes into place.  It does not stop me from working at a local but it does help me to connect to the world.   I am S/W/M(Single White (Divorced) Male) in his upper 30’s who would love to go out to the movies and find someone who is a Christian.   That is one of my standards, even though we have many people out their.   My last marriage, I made that mistake and will not make it again.   That being said, I also would like them to not smoke or do any drugs.   They must have Goals, that is another must.   If you don’t have goals then go look somewhere else.   My Goal is clear is to keep this site going and that sooner or later it will bring in more profit that I will know what to do with.   

I’m a creative person at heart and thus this is where my blog comes into play.   You should also have some creative traits but that isn’t actually a requirement but is a plus.  I’ve had enough adventure for a lifetime and would like to just watch the sun rise and sun set with that special someone.   This is basically what I am looking for.  I’m not really a flirt, I am more of an arrow guy.   So if your looking for those types of guys this is not me.   I am thankful for a lot and know God has his plan and I am just waiting for it to happen.   Do not know when or how just know it will happen.   I am waiting for God’s promises.

Are you Interested?

If I have gotten your interested then you have a few ways to either learn more about me or you could just contact me.  If your looking to learn more about me then, please join my Mailing List.  If you know someone who is looking for a soul mate, don’t forget to share this on Facebook and Twitter.   I am sure someone is out there for me and this post is a way to find them!  You can contact me through POF and Christian Mingles if you want to chat with me but it is totally up to you!

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