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4 Free alternatives to Microsoft Publisher!

The Alternatives are out there!

I was inspired by a friend of mine who asked on Facebook, She wanted something that was freeware or shareware preferably because she didn’t have the money to go by Microsoft Office 2013.  So I thought tis was high time, I tried to help some of my readers out by showing you what you could use that is just as good as Microsoft Office!

Open Office (Free Productivy and Open sourced Suite)

Open Office has been used by me in the past and you can even use it on the go with little to no major problems.   All you will need is program call Portable Apps and a USB drive preferrably 8 to 16 gb of space because of all the programs you will need to install it!

Google Docs

The Next one that is really useful is Google Docs which comes with any Google account.  I personally have used this and in fact, I created the image at the top of the page!   The pacman eating Microsoft Docs! So it can be quite useful for doing what you might need.   I have much success with the using this with my Chrome OS computer, you really can’t use much else but something that is online anyways!

Scribus (Open sourced desktop publishing)

I have never used this but I was told by a few friends that it is really good and works just like most other publishing tools.   You can try this one and see if it helps!

PagePlus Starter Edition

Another one that I have yet to use because I have had no major need to use more than the first two.   This however has been brought to my attention from several friends on my facebook page and can’t but at least mentioned it!   

 As you can see you have several you can pick from and from time to time there will always be new ones but these were a few that  I found thanks to crowsourcing the problem.   I do hope this helps you also in making an informed decision on what you will use for your project(s).  Know of one that I missed please feel free to leave a comment and tell people about it!

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