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Balancing Act between Technology and Lifestyle!

Balancing Act

Technology is a Balance!

It isn't everyday that you hear people say that they have to balance work, family, and Technology.   Technology has never been in demand like it has today.    Everyone can say they do it really easily but it isn't always that simple or some would just stretch the truth.   Truth be told no one ever thought it would be this difficult to keep up with technology and keep themselves involved with their kids and work. 

Human Error!


Human error is always going to be a problem because no one can do the job a 100% that being said we have seen in the past where Human error can cause data lose.  That though isn't as big as keeping your data safe from those bad guys that would love to find out all that personal information from your tablet or computer.   Some would say that Facebook has problems too, and I would tend to agree but it isn't the end all to keeping your information safe from Identity Thefts.

Protecting your Data!

I am sure most people will say that it is impossible, I tend to agree but we can at least make it harder for someone to get that data that they want to use against you or just to see what you've been up.   Here are a few things you can do to make it that much harder for someone to get that information!

  • Encrypting your Data -- You can do this from several different ways.   It just depends on how you want to proceed.  If your an Android user you have several options to encrypt your device.  I won't go into much detail on how because each device is a little different but you know where you can start!
  • Password Manager -- This has been something that I tell people every time I see someone's account being hacked.   If you don't have a strong password than you can't possibly keep people from gaining access.   I suggest using Lastpass and even tell people to invest in Yubikey also!
  • Back up your data -- It isn't easy but it is Essential to keep your data backed up because you never really know what will happen and you should always try to keep at least three or four different backup options.   This way if one fails you have a redundancy to help you keep your data from getting lost!

How to Balance Life with Technology!

Here is something you probably are very interested in learning.   I only have one rule when it comes to this and it is something that I have to work at each and every day.   I have come to the conclusion to set time limits on when I use my computer and when I am using technology.   I will not use it all the time and I will not miss being with my kids.   I am sure you have the same problem as me and that is why you were looking for this answer but it isn't like it will help you because it is all about discipline and you only gain that by doing this every day in school, work, or home.  One tip that I can help you with this is, set a limit and slowing each week or day take a minute off until you get to that limit.   It will be a slow process but it will be a rewarding one at the end.

Paul Sylvester


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