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Facebook Hoaxes -- Why users should be weary!

Hover over my Name [Hoax]


267232_300x250USA The next 2 weeks I will be posting this, and please once you have done it please post done! Those of you who do not keep my information from going out to the public, I will have to DELETE YOU! I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. I post shots of my family that I don't want strangers to have access to!!! However, with the recent changes in Facebook, the "public" can now see activities on ANY wall. This happens when our friends click "like" or "comment"... automatically, their friends would see our posts too. Unfortunately, we cannot change this setting by ourselves because Facebook has configured it that way. PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (DO NOT CLICK), a window will appear, now move the mouse on “FRIENDS" (also without clicking), then down to "Settings", click here and a list will appear. REMOVE the CHECK on "LIFE EVENTS" and "COMMENTS & LIKES". By doing this, my activity among my friends and family will no longer become public. Now, copy and paste this on your wall. Once I see this posted on your page, I will do the same.

Some users aren't thinking these things out.   So Let's get this straight your worried about Facebook Security and yet you think this is the quickest and easiest way to prevent your information from becoming public!  So I am going to break down this little hoax and explain to you what will happen if you actually do this!

Removing the Checks!

By removing those two check or even all the checks you are going to not get any updates from the person who askes you do this and thus they will not appear on your updates and you will not know what is going on.   They will be totally invisible to you and you will have to visit their page to see any updates and or comments they make to other people.   

How can you know?

This is a question asked by everyone who has ever seen a Facebook post about something similiar! When you don't ask questions to the person and don't research those posts then you just show people you don't care. I will not follow directions blindly just because I KNOW and Trust the person.  We are all human and thus we will always make mistakes this is the nature of humanity.   

Research the post in question!

Researching a post isn't as hard as it sounds.   You basically have to just use your favorite search engine and cut and past a portion of the text to see if there is any information on the web about that post.   Most of the time you will find people talking about that post or even find out more information to better make a decision.  

Common Sense Helps though!

If you are like me, you know what will happen if you do some of these things that people have asked of you and thus you know a little about consequences.   When I look at what people say on their status updates about what I need to do, I am certain most of them don't know what it does or what the command does.   Hoaxes are used to scare you and nothing else, if they think you will follow them then they are either waiting for the chance to make money or to just laugh at you for doing something blindly.

Think it through!

If you think the process through you will most likely see the outcome of some of the commands and understand what they do or what they will not do if you do follow commands someone posts on their timeline.   So by thinking this through and researching the post you are far better off and remember not everything you see on Facebook or other social media sites are always going to be true!

Paul Sylvester

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