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NSA wiretaps the internet, and what you should do about it!

NSA wiretaps your Internet!

The National Security Agency has been in the past a thorn in most people’s sides. As of late though their new Prism program has raised some very interesting questions. It isn’t like they have anything to hide, after all if you haven’t done anything wrong than you neeed not worry! That logic just elludes me, we have seen this is history. People who haven’t done anything wrong who are prosecuted for their believes and actions. They will make everyone evil some how. See how they did with Edward Snowden, NSA and other’s are saying he was wrong to do this but it was the public right to know. While whistle blowing is a necessary for the public to know about it, the NSA thinks we should always be kept in the dark over some of this. I personally believe we should not only be told but also have a public forum over stuff like this. Now let’s not forget that we are trying to fight terrorism, but this is what they wanted us to do in the first place. Fear brings down our civil liberties by making it harder for us to be free, hince we now have to worry about the NSA!

The Pipe

If you haven’t figure out how they National Security Agency is doing this than, one you didn’t watch that video or two it just didn’t click. I am going to try to dumb it down a little more and make it easier to understand. Let’s say you have an apple, the apple in this case represents your data or metadata as some would call it. You have two people who want the apple, so you would basically cut it in an equal half. Now that doesn’t mean both people have different information they have the same information but it is simply just been cloned, or copied. Another way to look at is this: You have a piece of paper with your information on it. You send it Google, Bing, Yahoo, ETC and just before it is delivered there, someone graps your paper puts it on a copy and makes a copy for themselves, and send the document along it’s way as if nothing happened. You wouldn’t know, the place you sent it to would not know and somewhere there is a piece of paper with your data and no one is the wiser. Kinda of snicky isn’t it!

Fighting the NSA!

You can always fight the National Security Agency, with a few good steps you can make them worry and wonder where you are actually coming from. This won’t stop them but it will at least keep yourself private and less likely the NSA will get this personal information of yours. I am hoping this helps people find out how to fight this injustice.

  • VPN4ALL — this is a vpn service that I have started using to help keep my information safe. They use a 256 encryptions algorithm and it means no one can see where you go when you don’t want them to know. Works with Android, IOS, and most Mobile Devices also…
  • DNSCrypt — Making sure no one knows where you go to on the internet is made a little easier with DNScrypt. It works really nicely but nothing yet for android. Hopefully soon, someone has something.
  • Encrypting your Email — Although this seems kind of hard it is actually quiet easy. Any emails your send get’s transmitted and that means the NSA can get them. If you encrypt them they can read them. So this is always a good idea to do, because you never know.

So you can see there are a few ways to encrypt your information so no prying eyes can see it. Although it won’t stop them from seeing what you done later on the in future but it will stop them for right now. As technology advances so does un-encryption, so hopefully by the time they see where you went and what you did, you will be long gone dead. I do hope this helps those of you who are worried and want to protect your sensitive information. This won’t help all over but it will help the average person surf the internet a little more securely and hopefully shows the NSA we mean business!

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