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Yet Another Android Scarevertising!

These are on the Rise!

I’ve seen more and more of this in the last few week.   One blogger, on talked about TunIn their advertising practices.  This one however came up with from Defrag+ and the advertising was simple yet to some very scary “Virust Detected! Remove Now!” and you saw a little animated bar like it was actually doing something.   This form of advertising should not be allowed and you should not install it!

The story behind installing this app, was a very simple one.   My Acer tablet was starting to get unresponsive and I wanted to see if the internal memory needed to be cleared and re-arranged.  I guess I could of bought the 10$ version but if they are going to allow this type of advertising on their app then I guess it doesn’t really do anything else. 

Third Party Advertising!

I should say this isn’t a big problem right now but I can see that if you got did your research to find me and you probably did.   You will see that there isn’t any real information out their about this and others like androidantivirusfree(dot)org which is one of the few that I’ve actually documented and talked about in the past! 

I don’t know which advertiser networks are allowing this sort of thing but I am sure sooner or later someone will start giving this people a mess of problems and they will see that they need to fix the problem.  

Push Notifications problems!

It definitely seems that this little app wants to advertise every chance it gets and it kind of seems the publisher is money hungry.   So I am unsure how trust worthy this app is and how much I want to keep it on my android device.   No wonder he is charging 10$ for the pro version of this app.   Oh well, I am going to delete this app and figure out how to fix the problem with out paying for apps like this one and others.   I am sure there is a simple solution to the problem but first I will go through and remove some of the apps that I don’t use anymore for starters and see where that leads me!



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