The Insider’s Guide to Picking the Right Unlocked Phone!


Alin S Living with Autism -- Unlocked

Alin S Living with Autism — Unlocked

Unlocked Phones Rules!

Having been using an unlocked phone for so long, I thought it was time I talked about it some more.   As most of your know, I have been an advocate for No contracts!  In order to get the best possible service for my cell phone plan, you’ll need to consider some features of the android phone.

Size is everything!

If your going to be using it more for games and everything in between such as Netflix or even watching movies from the Google Play store, then you will need a big display maybe even more like a Phablet.   If however your going to use as a just a cell phone, then you will want to a smaller and more sleek phone.   One you can easily put in your pocket and not have to worry about belt holders or even a really fancy screen protection for the smart phone.

Data Speed!

Depending on your area, some people have access to the LTE Network and others are only limited to 3g, CDMA, 4G network.   It varies from Network provider.   Let’s say you’re going to use AT&T through Straight Talk, well the Map for coverage of the US is limited at best for 4G LTE, so you will most likely only get 3G in some if not all areas depending on where you live!   What if your were going through Sprint?  I will say most of the time you will have 4G access to most areas in the US but I can’t say it is a 100% reliable and available in all areas.  You must do research on which network you’ll be using with the unlocked phone!

Storage Size!

With some phones you will be able to add more storage like getting a Micro SD (Amazon Affiliate Link) card to use with the phone to put pictures and media files on it and not have to worry about running out of memory!  Although like my new phone the Life View Blue (Unlocked), it doesn’t allow me to add a Micro SD card, so I only have 8 Gb’s of space on the phone and that is it.  It doesn’t mean I can’t use it for streaming my music, or media files.   That will always be something I can do with this phone.  It will always be limited to how much Data you can use on any given month.  You must decide if you are willing to use the Data of your network or if you are going to use it at free wi-fi Hotspots.   If you can live with the space, then it isn’t such a big problem!

Picture Quality

The is going to be my last one for this blog post.   Some of us use our phone as a camera and thus we have those special moments in our life that we may want to get a very clear picture of to remember that moment.   So you must decide which phone is going to do that for you.   If you’re going to be using it for pictures and not a professional camera then you might want to get an unlocked Phone with the Highest quality pictures it can take.   This usually means trying to find a Phone that has 8mp or High on the phone!  If you’re looking for the best Unlocked phone with the Highest quality camera on it.   It looks to be right now the Nokia Lumina 1020 (Unlocked phone) (Amazon Affiliate Link) with it’s 41 Mp(38 Mp effectiveness) picture quality.   So it just depends on which phone you are willing to pay or buy for the quality of the pictures with the phone!  I personally Chose the Life View Blue Phone [Unlocked]  from Blu with it’s 12mp camera!

Hope this blog post has helped you decide what your going to buy.   If this has helped you out please consider using my Amazon Affiliate Link to say thank you for this excellent blog post!

First Impressions of the Blu Life View Blue (Unlocked)

Blu: Life View Blue (Unlocked) Phone (Click link to see price)

Some links in this blog post will be Affiliate links to Amazon for making money from reviewing the phone.   This phone was paid by me and was not given to me for review.   Using the amazon links will not cost you anything but a small commission for use of it will help me keep reviewing phones!

The Phone is Amazing!

I really can’t say anything but the truth. As soon as I got this phone I was thoroughly impressed with their dedication to the customers.  Now to clarify the RCA A1 (Unlocked) was really good for the price but had some really big pitfalls.  I will say after getting this phone, I didn’t know it came with a useful rubber gel phone cover to keep it from getting scratched.   I however also while I was ordering this phone also order a good hard cover from For BLU Life View L110 Rugged Arched Hybrid Kickstand Phone Cover Case with Stylus Pen and ApexGears (TM) Phone Bag (Black Blue) (Amazon Affiliate Link) and XtremeGuardTM Full Body Screen Protector for BLU Life View (Ultra Clear) (Amazon Affiliate Link).  Although I didn’t know they also had a rather good quality screen protector also come in the bundle with the phone itself.   So you really do not need to buy all these to protect the Life View Blue Phone (Amazon Affiliate Link) but it does help!

Specifications for the Phone!

So let’s start with what the phone brings to the table:

  • 5.7 inches IPS Display- HD (1280×720), Corning Gorilla Glass 212MP Camera with LED Flash with HD recording (1080p), 5MP Front Camera
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • 4G HSPA+ up to 42 Mbps 850/1900/2100
  • 1.2 GHz Quad-core Cortex-A7 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Life View brings the latest technology in a slim modern design, for the ultimate Phablet experience. View pictures, videos, emails, social networks, books, magazines, newspapers, maps and games like never before. Enjoy a totally new visual experience of all your files and apps with a large 5.7 HD display that incorporates BLU’s Nex Lens and Infinite View Technologies. Also, get impressive durability thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Get more things done, with faster processing and outstanding multitasking capabilities, thanks to its 1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor and 1GB of RAM. Create and share your most important moments in life, with an incredible 12MP HD camera. Share your life as you make it, with its frontal 5MP camera for video calls.

As you can see this comes with an impressive set of things.  The camera is really nice to have to take pictures of family and friends.   The CPU speed is magnificent you can watch videos on the go if you have a HSPA+ Connection.   Let’s not forget the display of 5.7′ screen, it should be consider a Phablet and I might just use that term for the phone.   It is big so it will take up more space in the pocket so you might want to consider finding a belt clip that would perfectly with this phone.

Good Phone for the Price

I will be talking more about the phone in the coming weeks but I thought it was a good idea to at least touch on the phone a little and tell people my impressions of the phone.   Currently the phone is 240$ on Amazon so it isn’t anywhere a bad price.  So far I’m really impressed with it and am liking the phone even though it is a little more bulkier than the RCA A1 but you get more display space and more stuff you can do with the phone!

On a side note, You can use the phone with Straight Talk and works just fine.   You just need to follow the instructions that I have talked about in the past to do it!

Your leaking and your probably don’t see that puddle of information!

Water Leak -- Aaron Escobar

Water Leak — Aaron Escobar

Your Leaking!

Most of the time, you are either emailing people or talking to friends through email. Some people probably thinking they are safe!  Privacy to some is not letting people know anything about you on the internet, however most people get complacent.   They think they are sure no one will ever be able to find out even the basic information about them.   That however is the problem with being on the internet.  You really can’t protect your privacy to any degree of success.

Back Story

Example of you see on a Google web based email!

Example of you see on a Google web based email!

So I have talked to a someone online about a problem with there RCA A1 Phone and setting the APN settings for Net10.   It has been a pleasure to do what I love to talk about.   I thoroughly enjoy helping people with their problems with getting it to work properly on any cell phone network.  So we have discusd APNS and how to send MMS.   I was really intrigued by this person.   So I happen to glance to the left of the email message and saw Name and what the person does.   I was thinking this is something you normally do not see.   So did a basic social network search for name.  I found the personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Phone number, Where this person lives, favorite team, When they started working for this one company, and much more!  I am not trying to scare anyone away from using your email.

I’m not a Private Investigator

So with that said, I was quite seriously wondering if this person knew how much information was being leaked just by knowing the email address.   The problem is, you really do not keep track most of the time where that information is going.  I could easily without paying anyone probably find out even more information about this person.   It wasn’t hard.  I just had to know how to do some of this and it wouldn’t cost me a dime.   Most of the time, when you are a blogger, or even a writer you expect people to easily find you.  So I could care less if people find out this information to a point but I have worked really hard at keeping some information from going out on the internet.

How to know!

This part of the blog post is going to tell you how to find out what is available to find from anyone who might know one piece of information or maybe even more information just by knowing the basic information.  This is nothing more than a way to find out if it is out there or not but I strongly recommend getting something like Lifelock (Affiliate Link).

  • Search your Name — Usually start off by just searching for your first and last name on Google and maybe even Bing.  You really do not know how much information you’re shelling out to the search engines until your start there.
  • Search your email address — Just because not everyone knows your email address doesn’t mean a hacker couldn’t find it through spam methods and thus someone might find some more information about you.
  • Search your Phone Number — Although less likely to find anything or who you are, there is a slim chance somewhere some place might have given that information out to search engines!
  • Search Social Network Sites — In order for this to work, you should see what Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites sees.  So you probably will need to log out and do this search or create fake accounts to do these searches but it is in your best interests to see what everyone else sees!

As you can see, once you’ve compiled what is out there, you will need to think like a criminal and ask what does he need to become me.   Once you’ve done that you know where you will need to fix to keep your identity from being taken from you.  Although Nothing you do can prevent it a 100% but at least that is where Lifelock ( Get a 30-day free trial of LifeLock Ultimate and save 10% off your final purchase! *Affiliate Link*) can help keep your identity safe!


The Complete Beginner’s Guide to removal!

Viruses From Mobile Devices!

Viruses From Mobile Devices!

Information about

flyclick has several different characteristics that slow down the system and constantly uses the most memory available for that computer.   I had to deal with this with one of my clients.   The problem with this little trojan/virus is that it is rootkit and a key logger.   So I hate to try spend the time of removing the virus and going through Code of Windows to find this thing.     This virus/trojan is definitely a memory hog and surprises me that the person who wrote this must not of looked a the code very carefully because once your infected you know something is severely wrong with your computer.

Symptom of this nasty key logger

For my client it was just slow and constantly unusable.   When I finally got the computer, I found “IEXPLORER.EXE” using over 2 gigabytes of memory and not being used by him or me!  I love Malwarebytes  (Affiliate Link), which prevents an outgoing connection to and would tell me about it.   He though only had a trial version so it wouldn’t do anything else but block it.  I would have to download a new version of Malwarebytes (Affiliate Link) to even attempt to remove this virus.

My Removal Method

I did a quick Google search on removing this virus/trojan and each one of the links talk about manually removing it.  Anyway, I decided the best option for my client was to backup his data and then do a complete reinstall of Windows.  He deals with clients that are quite personal in nature, so I felt the best course of action on this computer was to be sure it was gone.   So I loaded up my boot and nuke CD and erased the hard drive completely!  I wasn’t trying to securely erase the hard drive but I wanted to make sure no files were left for the re-installation of Windows 7.  Depending on your circumstances, it isn’t always necessary to use this product but it does give me some measure of security that the computer will not be infected by the same virus/trojan!

After re-installation of Windows

After windows was installed on the system again these are the steps you should take to secure your Windows machine:

  • Enable Restore points — Most of the time it should already be enable but depending on manufacturer it is always good to make sure.   Create a restore point so you know it is working!
  • Windows Update — Before I do anything this is another thing I do, I go out and update windows to make it current and quickly as possible.   I will not go to websites or anything like that until it updated completely!
  • Check Windows Firewall — Occasionally you will need to make sure your firewall is still active in windows.   It isn’t always necessary but it should be checked from time to time!
  • Install Microsoft Essentials — I download and install Microsoft Essentials to help make sure he doesn’t get infected again.
  • Installed SAS Pro and MBAM PRO –  Since I know how important his clients are, I decided on keeping him from getting infected again by installing both malware removal tools.   Superantispyware and Malwarebytes Pro have been on my list of things you should install on any computer!
  • Create standard users — After all this is done, I create a standard user for my client to try to protect their computer from viruses and malware later on down the road!  You should never use an administrator user account for anything but updating and installation of files!

After all that!

It was time to restore his files onto his newly fixed system.  I recommend a big hard drive like a 1 terabyte hard drive (Amazon Affiliate link) to use to back up the important files and documents from my clients computer.   Restoring the backup documents, songs, movies, and all that for my client wasn’t really hard but it can be time-consuming because depending on the size of the files can take an hour to only a few minutes.   Just be patient and let the files be copied back to where you got them.   I also made sure to delete any applications before backing up the data that might have caused the infection.   You should not re-install applications from the backup but from the websites directly.   If you feel like doing the manual root, I wish you luck but I felt this was the best possible option for what was needed for my client!

Did you get hit by this infection?   What did you do?

Solving the driver update and Windows Update problem!

Allied Telesis (Installing the driver Software!)

Allied Telesis (Installing the driver Software!)

The XP problem!

I had a friend bring me his laptop that just couldn’t use the wireless adapter for anything. I knew it was probably the driver for the adapter but the problem is now a days you need to have it connected on the wired network to download and install the drivers.  Most of the time when you need to update a driver or install a driver that windows can’t find then you should just visit the main website to download the right file for the operating system.

Visiting the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) Website!

If your one of those who need help finding out which site you should visit to download the right device driver for your computer:

Well these are just a few that I found that could be a benefit to you.   I am just trying to give you places you can go to download the right device driver and not infect your system with malware or spyware.

Problem Solved!

I was able to get his wireless network card to become active again but I then worry that he might get infected with viruses or some zero day attack.   The problem is he uses this OS for one program and it isn’t compatible with any Vista, or Windows 7.   So I am left with keeping this system as clean as possible for the next few years.   I could use something like the Registry Hack that turns it into a fake embedded XP system to help keep his system a little more secure.   It however is not the best alternative for the job!  I recommend using something like Malwarebytes Pro (Affiliate Link) and keeping that update!  I really do not have any fool-proof way to keep the laptop from getting infected unless I make a Virtual Machine and come up with a way for him to save the database of the program he is using.

Is there a better solution for the Time being?

Reviewing the RCA A1 4.7′ Unlocked Phone!

  • This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Net10, Simple Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Walmart Family Mobile, and Pure Talk USA. No contracts and data plans required;
  • HSPA 3G Smartphone running Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean), with 4.7-inch multi-touch LCD display; 2G Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900, 3G Network HSPA 850/1900;
  • Wi-Fi networking with Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot and tethering capabilities, GPS for navigation and location services; Dual SIM card slot, 4GB storage, Micro SD expansion to 32GB;
  • GPRS, HTML Web Browser, Built-in Apps: Google Play, YouTube, Google+, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Voice Memo, Notes;
  • Dual camera, back-5-MP, front 2-MP; HD 720p recording; Bluetooth 3.0 stereo music; FM Radio, MP3 Player, MP4 Player;Up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 360 hours of standby time, High Speed USB 2.0, 3.5mm Audio Jack

RCA A1 4.7″ 3G Unlocked Dual SIM, Android 4.1 (Affiliate Link)

I must at least disclose to you that this post has those scary affiliate links from (Affiliate Link).   They cost you nothing for clicking them but helps me afford to buy other products that I can review.  Now that is done, let’s get back to the post.

From the beginning!

When I first got this phone for $132.99 from Amazon (Affiliate Link), it was the easiest phone to get started with other than having to figure out which way to slide the SIM card into the SIM Slot.   I found the setup of the was almost a breeze to update and start using.   The one problem.  Then the next thing you need to do is setup the phone the right way, and install your apps that you are wanting to use with the phone.


The phone itself doesn’t have any indicator light or does some of the thing things like the Samsung Galaxy S3 but it does make it look like it is a S3!   I simply love it that when I show my friends and family they say is that a S3 then I show them the back of the phone with the words RCA and laugh.   It’s a cheap version of the S3 and it can be used with Straight Talk Wireless with no problems.

Display is really nice and crisp, although I did have problems with the processor which I found out was an AMD chipset for the phone.  The Processor seemed adequate for the phone and you really couldn’t tell of any major slow downs on the phone as I was using it.

Tethering on this phone is enabled by default and I can easily tether my laptop to the phone via wireless or wired connection with no problems.   I can see this being useful for many people who are out and about and need to check something on their portable devices.


The phone has several limited features that you want to consider before buying this phone.   Some of them are quite simply that you only have a limited space on the phone to install apps.  2 Gb’s of space at most and that even using an external SD card doesn’t negate it.  You can install apps and some apps can be moved to the external SD card but others will not move and take up the internal space.

Battery life on the phone was nothing unusual and I have talked to the supplier of the phone and they assure me that a new battery will be available soon for the phone.  On my phone lately the battery without being plugged in last 8 hours or less without being used.   I do not know if it is the apps that are draining the battery or if the battery is just going bad really quickly.   So I am constantly having to keep the phone plugged in to keep the phone from going dead all together.


If you’re looking to fool people and look like you actually bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Amazon Affiliate Link) than paying the $300 out-of-pocket.   You can buy S3 rubber cases and such that will fit the phone but the problem with that is when you need to charge the phone the case has to be taken off.  The phone works really well for those who can’t afford a phone as the S3 but you should keep in mind that it isn’t anything like it.  You can do mostly anything with this phone that you can do with other Android devices but you will be limited on some things.   Overall this phone was a joy to use and to learn all about what RCA did to the operating system and to see them step into the phone arena.   All in all with the price of the phone, you get what you pay for and it is a small piece of the real thing.


The Job Equivocation complex!

Unsuccessful Job Application -- David Blackwell

Unsuccessful Job Application — David Blackwell

Story behind this post!

I usually do not talk to much about what is going on in my life because well it isn’t like me to be open about it.   I am stepping out of my comfort zone to talk about the subject that people seem to have the most difficulty with.   Finding a job, while you have a job and keeping the current employer from knowing until your ready to tell them.

It’s not about deceiving!

I’m not saying to just lie to your current employer because you might not want them to create fiction while you at work.   It is about knowing when you should keep quite and not be so open about the fact that you have applied to other places or jobs that are more suited for your ability.  I know myself it was especially difficult to tell my current job to just shove it and that I quit after I found out that I was hired for the new position at the place where I am going to start working in a week!

How I got the new job!

I first must say this should only be used when you feel that your current employee might discriminate you for searching for another job.   I felt this current employer might stop me or prevent me from leaving so I felt compelled to not be so open with them about what I was doing.  The first step is to look at all the people you know who you work with on a daily basis who might have information on where you can find a better job.   This is especially good when you know people who work for your current employer but are contractors for another company.   They are more likely to do this then anyone else.   You should talk to them off site if at possible and tell them your situation and try to relate to them why you are looking for another job.  Just be as open as possible to what I call the network effect, this works especially well with people higher up who are looking for hard working people.  This is called networking your experience, and ethics.   If they work closely with you from time to time they see a small example of how hard you work and you have a better chance at getting that foot in the door if they are willing to talk to Human Resources and getting you that interview.

The time to say Goodbye!

Once you have accepted and found that job you were looking for when should you tell your current employer, who now only has the power of reducing your hours to nothing if they really want to.  I will tell you my thoughts on this no more than a 2 week notice if you aren’t extremely worried about money for those two weeks, if they drop you all together.   I recommend at least a week notice no less than that, because it gives people a chance to tell you goodbye and that you will be missed.   You can tell people in your close knit groups to keep it under their hats until you announce it.   It however is best to just tell everyone at the same time so no one spills it too soon.   I think it is how you approach letting them know that will affect how they treat you, whether they feel mad, angry, or just sad.   If you approach them nicely, it isn’t likely to backfire but if you approach them harshly then you will definitely spark some ill content to how they treat you.

I start my new job on June 23, 2014 but I can not tell you what it is due to well I am certain they have yet to make the position until I get there.   When I talked to the hiring manager she said it was quite strange to not have a job already picked out for the application, so she was confused as I am.   I can only guess this will be an interesting first week on my new job!

Thank you for reading my blog posts, and I will continue to keep you updated on anything technology related since my new job shouldn’t be as demanding, or at least I hope not!

“The Shattered Glass Scenario” — Is it the end for the phone?

Shattered IPHONE 4g  -- Carrrrrlos

Shattered IPHONE 4g — Carrrrrlos

The phone screen!

I’m probably not the first one to have destroyed a phone by dropping it or other such actions.  When I first got the RCA A1, I had some problems figuring out how to protect the phone from such scenario.   I knew if you drop any equipment enough time it will break in one way or another.   I was just hoping to prevent it until they released a good protective case for the phone.   It however seemed to late for my phone now.   I can still use it but it will not last longer.   I could however go get it repaired by a local company IphoneTodd.   I have not used them and I am unsure it would be cheaper than just buying a new phone.  I only paid $130 for this phone from Amazon so I can’t prove paying more than that for a new screen!

My Choices!

I could keep the phone for a while and hope it last until I get enough commissions to pay for another phone from Amazon (Affiliate Link) or I have thought about going to T-Mobile (Affiliate Link) which is truly unlimited everything plan!  They have some really good phones now that I could get to check and tell you about.  For example the Samsung Galaxy S5 With Watch bundle (Affiliate Link) from T-Mobile which looks really nice and very useful.  The LG G2 (Affiliate Link) is what I wouldn’t mind using it with the 16 MP Camera and the stabilization feature looks really sweet to take pictures of my family and me.

Broken Record!

As you can see I only few options but I am looking to my readers to show me that they want me to continue to review android phones and to make your experience with phones as fun and enjoyable as it does with me!  It is a life long journey to find the best phones for my readers and to keep you informed.

Doing 2 Factor Authentications the Right Way.

Several types of authentication devices.  --  Eric Christensen

Several types of authentication devices. — Eric Christensen

Working with 2 Factor Authentication

No one ever said it would be easy but some things you will need to consider can greatly impact your success at keeping your accounts secure and your identity safe!  I will talk about some of the ways to increase your chances on improving upon 2 factor authentication.   Nothing in the blog is set in stone but are merely suggestions from someone who believes in the ideal of keeping your personal information safe.

Google Authentication

The first solution to 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is simply using Google’s Authenticator app on Android, or even IOS.   It can be good because we all have phones and no new hard ware to have to carry around.  There are always going to be problems with this though.   The hardware could sooner or later be compromised and someone could get access to the keys to each site and you would be back at square one.

Yubikey OTP (One Time Passwords)

The next alternative is something that you probably have never heard of, is Yubikey.   It is a small USB thumb drive with a button on it to authenticate that your who you are.   It requires you to know a password for the USB key and thus the password needs kept secret and only you should know it.  I have yet to use Yubikey on anything or bought it.   You can use it with some services such as Google but you must have some work around to do it.   It seems that Google and Yubico are reluctant to make that option easy!

Those are the main two.

Being security minded

It isn’t like we are all wired to think about security every day of our lives.  So we have always been using unsecured methods in the past.   So it isn’t like we will ever truly be secure, but we can at least try to become better at it!   So we will discuss some necessary steps to make sure your more secure.

  • Keep Backup Codes — If a services allows you to have several OTP then print those up and save them for the time when your key doesn’t work anymore.   It isn’t going to happen at all but there are times when you will need that backup.  I do hope you never have to use the backup but it might happen.
  • Turn off Voicemail — This one is rarely unknown but you shouldn’t have any service call your phone for the backup code to the account.  This happens to be a problem if the attacker knows your voicemail pin!  Highly unlikely but possible!
  • Cell Phone — Using your cell phone as your token and login in it can lead to a single point of failure and can make it that much easier for an attacker to get at your account.   I do not suggest having all your keys in one Phone!

As you can see these are some simple steps to keep you more safe.  Do you know another way to keep your security safe with 2 factor authentication?  I’d like to hear your comments on the subject!

Infinite Boot loop comes back again. (Part 2)

Windows 7 - By Hector

Windows 7 – By Hector

I thought I fixed it!

Any person in the technical department will tell you they’ve had this problem that just comes back and they actually thought they fixed the problem the first time around.  When I first talked about fixing the infinite boot loop in Windows 7, I really didn’t think it would come back.   My friend called me the next day and said it was back!  So the story was, I rushed over there saw it was doing the same thing and I instantly knew it was more than jut re-installing windows but it was some major disk drive errors.  I told my friend that I now knew what was the problem and took the laptop and grab it and took it home to do some deep hard drive scanning.

Shameless plug!

I would have used Spinrite 6.0 from Steve Gibson hard drive recovery program, but I couldn’t afford the 89$ so I had to go with the Microsoft options.   If you me to want to get Spinrite 6.0, Please help me by using my Affiliate link for Amazon anytime you go to Amazon by using my link, I’ll get a commission but you pay nothing more for using it!  I do know that because I didn’t use Spinrite, I am sure there is a small chance that it will come back but I am pretty confident that I got the problem to go away for the time being!

Hard Drive Errors!

So if the other post didn’t help you with your problem this one should show that it is a hard drive problem and not a windows problems.  Here is how I fixed the hard drive errors without using Spinrite.   I think Spinrite would have solved all my problems the first time around and I wouldn’t have to resort to these steps.  The Good part about re-installing Windows 7 was that I was now able to start in Safe Mode (F8)!  I was then able to select “Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure“.  Once you select that it was an easy step to keep having windows boot into the operating system.   I got all the way into windows and that is when I could actually use the Microsoft Windows Check Disk utility (chkdsk.exe).   Side note you will need have Admin rights to do this step.   You should either log into an account that has admin rights or log into the account that is the admin!   I create two accounts anytime I install windows.  So as to help prevent computer infections and keep you a little safer but that is totally up to you!

How to get to Chkdsk.exe

First step is to go the command prompt as administrator:

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
  2. Right-click Command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
  3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.  (Instructions from Technet)

Once I got to the command prompt, I type this:

chkdsk /f /r /b

Then It it will ask if you want to do this when you restart the computer.   You will want to press “Y” and enter.   You will then type:

Shutdown -l -r

This will tell Windows to log off the current user and restart the computer.   So just wait patiently for the system to restart.   I let it do it for several hours.   It took like 2 hours for it to complete the chkdsk, so just go watch a movie or something.  Depending on how many bad sectors or how many errors chkdsk finds it will vary from computer to computer.

Defrag Hard drive!

I then proceeded to defrag the hard drive right after it got done with the chkdsk.   You can learn how to do that from Windows help center.  It helps to rearrange the file structure to make it easier and less time-consuming for Windows to boot.   It also helps me to work the hard drive a little to see if the problem returns.   So being patient on this one programs such as Defrag can help improve your system performance!  After that, I was fairly confident it wasn’t going to cause any more problems.