Get over it, You’ve got no Privacy on the net!!

I’ve been talking to my friends at work and in other places, they’ve all asked the same question from time to time.  “Is privacy on the internet a possibility?”  and in short my answer is “No, you’ve got no privacy on the Internet!”  This is what I like to refer to as people wanting privacy to be on the internet.  Let’s face it folks, there is no privacy on the internet.  People are worried about Youtube debacle and I understand! In today’s society and time there is no privacy.  If let’s say you’ve come to my site.  What would I find out you?

  1. Your IP
  2. What you searched for in Google, Yahoo, AOL, to get to my site!
  3. Type of Operating System (Windows, Linux, or Macintosh)
  4. Where you just came from, unless you’ve chosen to come to my site directly
  5. You screen resolution
  6. You browser your using!

I don’t tell you this to make you not want to visit my site.  This type of stuff is always going to be recorded by almost 95% websites you visit.  It’s always going to be an unspoken understanding.  I have to keep up to date on what happens on my site.  It’s just normal to get the information and be able to see where everyone is coming from.

Why do sites have statsictics?  It’s to find out how well there site is doing.  It can also be used to keep up-to-date on what happens with search engines and what is popular.  So these sites can become a better site.  Yes it is true that most sites decide well in advance what looks like a popular topic. I understand this and now you can too.  They want people to come to there site.  I hope you understand that to, most bloggers, and I include myself in this, want a discussion about topic at hand.  I love to find out what people think of my site?  Here’s a little secret, a hot topic brings out the comments because the ones who are passionate about a topic will comment about it.  It comes in waves though so there will be days that nothing happens and there will be days you get a ton of people coming to my site.

It’s the nature of the beast, or I should say the internet.   “Do we need to worry about what we do on the Internet?”  and I say whole heartedly “Yes!! But if you take my advice and understand this, everyone wins.  Bloggers figured this out in the early days of blogging.  They’ve know about stats before we even had the internet before blogging was an option.   This is something that has to be present to make these website a better place for people of all nations.

In the near future, I’ll be discussing how you can prevent people from finding out some of this information by clearing your cookies and your cache.  That doesn’t mean, by doing this you’ll be anonymous it just means that no one, will know certain things about you.  For example, have you been to this or other sites before? I’ll be explaining this in detail soon, so be watching for it!

Although I’ve been collecting this data about my visitor I do no have access to other sites so in that respect I only know so much about the people who visit my site.  Now I must point out I do not nor shall I ever keep a log of what people do on my site.  The statistics that I have been gathering, I’ll on occasion just delete them and start a new. My statstics are rolling, so I only gather so much data before the new data kills the old data.  So in essence, you are somewhat protected from people looking over you shoulder, but the truth is.  Someone somewhere sometime is going to be watching everything you do at some point.  So lets sit back and relax and imagine we are sitting on a desserted island and you can call me Skipper and I’ll call you Gilligan.

While looking around the internet, I found this one article that looks somewhat truthful about the Youtube and Viacom lawsuit debacle.  I thought I’d share it with you and let you decide for yourself!!

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