“When it rains, It pours!” : Ways to fight stress!

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Your doing your usual stuff and the something happens.   You really don’t know what to think or do.   You could be in shock, or just disbelief.   I have had that happen last week.   I thought it would be fun to discuss this and give a few insights as to what I learned.

The back story

I was at work doing what I normally did to make the customers happy.   My job was one of those really good jobs where you would have to always listen to the customer and try to help resolve their problem(s).  It isn’t the easiest job in the world, and I bet most technicians would also agree that sometimes the customer can be down right mean or even rude to the technician just because they have no one else to yell at.  Last week I lost one of my dearest and most paying contracts, it isn’t easy to just sit still and wonder how will I pay bills now without this retainer client.   I bet Mike Smith has this problem all the time and probably worries about it every week when he losses a client like this.  Some of things that I want to know is how do others deal with stress.

Stress is a killer

I know I am not the only one who has to deal with the stress.   I do however wanted to come up with a way to help prevent some of the stress from happening.  According to some places, Stress can be a great motivator and also be our downfall in the long.   I say this not to scare people but to bring up some very important topics that I thought we should at least look at:

  • Stress is different for each person — Now I am not saying that some people don’t have stress but they do not show it very often if never.   You may never know that some person you are talking to is having a stress full day because they may never show the signs of being under stress.
  • Stress makes you grow older quicker —  Now this is something that I have felt in the past when I have more stress it makes me feel older and not like I used to be.   This also can be a bad side effect, because it will sometimes send people into a depressed state.
  • Stress can give your High Blood pressure —  I should know about this one because this has been my case for the few years.  This is something that I have had to deal with because of what all stress has been put under my belt the last few years.

Fighting Stress

So you have thought about it and have come to the conclusion that you have to much stress in your life.   You’re probably like me and want to reduce some of the stress that you are having right about now.   I know I hate stress and what it does to my body.   I wanted to share some ways to reduce the stress in your life so you can live a healthier and longer life.

  • Exercising —  This is one of those many found truths that if you exercise everyday, either by walking or do aerobics you can decrease the stress in your life in one way or another.  You should however do something once a day for at least an hour.   I have found walking on paths to be my best way to relieve stress .
  • Journaling — I have found sitting down to blog to be a great way to reduce my stress in my life.  If you don’t have a blog or know how to blog this is great time to start.   You can start by creating your free blog at wordpress.com and not have to worry about any of the problems of hosting or domain services.
  • Find a friend — another great way is to talk to someone about your problems and your stress.   Although some people will not do this it is  however a good way to relieve or at least reduce your stress.  Just talking to someone can help you live longer.
  • PrayingYes You’ve heard me right.   I have found this to be best way to reduce stress.   You may not know this but I do believe in God and every time something happens, I ask God what to do.   He has answered a lot of questions in his own way.   God has been a source of strength and peace in my every day life.
  • Music — Find some uplifting music and listen to it.   If you find music that lifts your spirit then you will reduce stress in more ways than one.   I have found this to also help my stress.  Most of the time I start singing and I feel my stress going away.   I might not be the best singer but I do sing and it does help.

These are just a few but I will let you figure out how to fight stress.   I’d love to hear how you fight stress and what has worked for you when it comes to relieving your stress.   Please feel free to comment and help me make my life less stressful.

Paul Sylvester

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