Lastpass still the best there is!

Lastpass had been broken!

In a recent blog post by the Lastpass team, they talked about how they saw data being sucked from one of their servers.   They hit the panic and Paranoia button because they know how important it is for our passwords to be safe.   They have inititated a password reset for some accounts.   There openness only shows me they want to be as plain as possible.   That is why I thought I should at least talk about this recent Lastpass Hack as some would say.  I have said it in the past but I will say it again.   Lastpass is the best there is and I support there efforts a 100 percent.

Lastpass has implemented a forced password on some users!

I’m not saying everyone is effected but if your one of the few who they have forced you to change your password, I would certainly do it.    The most part if your unsure, the best possible advice I could give you right now is to just hold tight.   We know that they working hard to resolve the issues and that you will probably be next in line.   Just hold off until we know more.

Are you in offline mode?

This is the other problem right now with Lastpass but don’t worry.   You can download the proper files needed to keep your self busy while they fix the problem.   I am using Linux but if your need to have access to your Lastpass passwords, go download the offline versions of Lastpass and use them until they have fixed the problems associated with the passwords.    I have installed the Pocket Password from Lastpass on my Kubuntu system without a hitch. This will be a valuable edition for when I am not able to get connected online.

Lastpass I am still a USER and I thank you for your hard work!

Paul Sylvester




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