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Looking Ahead!

I know this is going to be a really silly post to some of you but I thought it was something that I like to talk about with my family and thus I thought it was about time to talk with it about my blog.

I know this will probably not be right or even close but I thought it was about time to at least try to see predict what we will see in the coming year and maybe just maybe I will be close.   I seriously doubt I will be right or on target as some will say but then again.   I was right about the Kindle Fire prediction before it was even announced.

Think ahead for 2012

I don’t know what people are going to think but I will give a few insights as to which technology favorites we have now will be even better next year.

Kindle Fire (Affiliate link) —  We will see more screen size, I would think it could get as big as 10.1 or maybe just maybe a 9.7 inch screen.   I don’t know if that will happen but I see this as a possibility.   I also think we will have a bigger storage capacity and also maybe even an outlet for a SD or Micro SD card.   All this makes sense because of them wanting to compete with Apple over their Ipad (Affiliate link).

Android Devices — I see it becoming even bigger than they have been possibly even bigger than an laptop.   I also think we will start seeing more better quality and manufacturers are going to not want to produce quantity but quality.

Apple Struggles — I don’t see anyway around this.   In the coming years because of Steve Jobs Die in 2011 (Affiliate link) and Apple not knowing where their next big thing will come from.   Steve Jobs was the innovator for the company and I think they will have to remake their image but that will be time consuming.

More Pads and less desktops — I hate to say this but I am going to say that we will see more kids and parents in the future carrying data pads such as Android or even Ipads around town or to wifi hotspots because they are a lot less bulkier and easier  to carry.

Everything will be cloud based —  More and more people will be using the cloud to store they data and private information and thus will need more space and more ways to protect that information.   This will be a security nightmare but I am sure some good companies will blossom from this.

This is some of the stuff that I thought I would point out and hopefully we will see it come true in the future at least to some.   I don’t want to see Apple stocks go down even though I don’t have any of their stocks it is however going to be a struggle for them as well as other companies in the coming year.

Paul Sylvester

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