Three ways on how to NOT waste your Money!

Another Job email!

I know it can be hard to find a job but this email from was one of those that I thought I would talk about even more.

Here is what she said in the email:

Are you still available and looking for a new position? We were forwarded your resume and based upon your background and geographic location it may be a good match. Our Human Resources Department is currently scheduling company overviews this week for several of positions that we have open. I would like you to consider what we have to offer as a company.

We’ve recently launched a new Consulting Division and need individuals for Human Resources, Marketing, Recruitment, and Business Development. Experience is not required, although having a background in any of the above mentioned is helpful.

they also tried to have me join this web conference of there’s.   I didn’t want to  say this is a scam but every time I get these types of emails something just sounds the sirens.   I thought it would be nice for a change to tell you how to find out if a website is trust worthy or not.

Checking out the Business!

Having done this several times, I have come to use to check out the background of the domain in question.   The site in question has only been made in the last few months.   No mater where your from you will always want to check out if a site is brand new or has been in business for quite some time.

While looking at Whois, I also see something quite interesting about domain.   Having been around the block and knowing about proxy security.   You get to wonder why this business would be proxying their address and number.

Let Google be your friend!

Never have a once not used a KEYWORD to find out more about company then when I am looking to find out more information about a company.   Never be afraid to ask words such as scam, pay, and whois.  Although these are just a few good keywords there are a ton of ways to find out information that you otherwise would never of found had you only searched for a certain term.

Nothing you put in search is ever going to be 100% right but it will give your more of an idea of what people and news are saying about this.   You can find out everything you might want to know about a business or website just by adding those to your search terms.

Check the website out!

Having been making my websites in the past, I know all to well that there are going to be people who may want a site template and just use that as their website and not change anything else.   You’ll have to check out the site and make your own determination about if it looks like a template website with stock photos and words or if they actually put a lot of effort and time into the website.   The more questions you ask about the website and find out the more you can avoid being scammed.

After doing my research for the site in questions I must say that according to others, you will have to pay them money 199$.   That really isn’t a deal in my mind and I suggest people go someplace else so as to not get ripped off by this so called company.

Paul Sylvester


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  1. Yes, always check a website thoroughly, to make sure it’s legitimate.

  2. Do you find that there are more and more of this out there than there used to be??

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