The Novatel Mifi 2200 is coming!

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It’s Been ordered!

I ordered a Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200(Virgin Mobile) from Amazon and was it a deal.   Normally Priced at $129.99 to $149.99, I paid $69.99 and that was Half off the price.   I am just waiting for it to come!  I don’t know how well it will work but I am quite eager to try it out.   I even got free shipping with this deal.

What does that mean to you guys, I will be looking into the connection speeds and actually maybe even testing the 2.5gb limit to see how far I can go before they start complaining to me.

I won’t expect much!

This isn’t going to be a mifi killer but it will at least help me do what I have needed.   You will need to pay $20 to $50  per month for a top up card or have them charge you credit card directly.   I never really like doing that, they always seem to include sales tax.   It is always best just to go buy them at the store and use them that way.   I have always found them to be cheaper than charging my credit card.

I’ll review this later on!

I think this will be a good alternative for people who might need occasional internet.   I don’t expect to be able to stream videos and such all the time or even a lot.   I will review this later on for a complete assessment of it’s capabilities and critic how well the batter last and such.    I don’t know a lot about it but you can be sure, I will dive in and give it my best!

Paul Sylvester


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