Have you Unchain the Name?

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The Cathedral – Unchain the Name from Creation Warehouse, Inc. on Vimeo.

Chains need to be broken!

Having been working with The Cathedral video ministry, I have been doing the videos for this church for some time and have been having a blast doing it.  Pastor Rick Vanhoose has decided to do a great video campaign on this great series that he feels he must preach about.   I usually don’t like to mix my personal stuff with my technology blog but I was so impressed with the videos and thought this would be something good to help promote this great series.

God VS Technology — is that possible?

I will not say that there is any similarities, I really don’t know what they could compete against each other.   I believe God has called everyone to do what we can every day of our lives.   Whether it be blogging about what we love or serving the community and doing it to the best of our ability.    I don’t know what others believe but I think God did want us to have technology to make our lives a little bit better.   When live is better, we don’t have to worry as much!

Any of this coming to a Podcast?

I have been talking to the Pastor for the past few months about creating a video podcast to broadcast around the world and also monetize the use of the video to help others and church grow bigger and better.  I’ve not had any luck but I will keep on trying because this would be a great podcast series for everyone to hear and watch.   I don’t expect every one of my readers to want to hear sermons or to be saved but I have a passion for what God may have for me and I also think this series is something that you should stop and ask yourself this very questionn.

Do you use the name to much?

We’ve all had those times when you are using the name of Jesus for some reason or other to either ask for grace and forgiveness but what else do we use the name for?  I won’t go into the possibilities but I thought this was something that should at least open some eyes and make people a little more open to what they may want to do.   If your wanting to hear the sermon or possibility have the video’s available on the web, then feel free to email the pastor and tell him. I’d probably be willing to produce the podcasts and make them available on their website if they were looking to pay someone to do it.

Paul Sylvester


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