Why I don’t do Social Media!

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Social media is in!

I know I am probably the only one who isn’t using social media to best possible out come.  You’ve probably even seen post from other blogs about how to use Social Media to the Fullest!  I don’t always get what it is about social media and blogging. I’m sure there are always going be blogs posting about how great Social Media is, but I JUST don’t get it.   Nothing I’ve seen yet makes me understand why people are so worried about being a Social Media giant.

Not everything is for Popularity!

I don’t say that lightly because obviously, I started this blog to have a community.   I however am not interested in what people are saying on the social media front, I’m more interested in community and getting to know my readers than to just use social media.  I’m not against the idea of using it for it’s purpose but I have very few hours in a day,  I don’t have time to keep up with what is going on in Twitter, Facebook, and other media outlets.  I’ve even heard about this new social media website pinterest but haven’t used it.   It however does look interesting but yet another why to be more Social.

I have twitter accounts and such!

I still have a twitter account for the one reason to let people know when I post a new article and such for other services like Facebook.   I just don’t keep track of what is going on in the tech world by using social media.   I occasionally do look around the media circuit but I’m not going to sit there for hours on end to see what everyone is saying.  It isn’t how I find the information, it is when I find the information.   With social media, you’re really just getting it just a little bit more faster than the people who are using social media to find the information.

Do you use Social Media?

I’m Curious to see how much people use Social Media, so I have created a Poll and would like to here how much you use Social Media!

Paul Sylvester

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