How to Tether your Kyocera Rise by Virgin Mobile

This Changes Everything

It was never Going to be easy!

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When I bought this Virgin Mobile Kyocera Rise, I knew they would try to prevent me.  That was one of the reason, I like to have an Unlocked Phone.  I’m went searching through the internet to find the answers to my question.   Some of the common questions, I got where:

Hidden mobile data charges: ethical or not?

Virgin mobile and tethering -charges ?

As you can see these were old post but they did provde me with some very interesting questions about the data usage of tethering and who will be at fault.

The Options!

I am going to give you a few options as to where to look to find the best possible way to tehter your phone to Laptop or Tablet.   I’ve found one or two ways to do it so far and I’ll be more than glad to give you the information that you are seeking for.  Before I begin though:

Information Therein are as IS, The Author will not be held responsible for anything resulting with these applications and services.  You have been warned!

 Some of the Common Applications that I have tried and worked are:

  • Easy Tether CE (Lite) — This one works just as great if you intend to use it as an USB connection only.  I had no problems with surfing the web with this app just as long as I kept it hooked up via USB.  Mobile Stream has several different paid apps that allow you to do so much more.  I am impressed with this one!
  • WiFi Tether for Root Users — I’ve used this on my HTC Inspire so I know this work on other phones but you would have to root your Kyocera Rise to use this App, although free it would probably void your warranty on your phone!

You can search for other Tethering Apps and try them as you see feet.   I just want to provide you with a few ideas on how to use what your already paying for that data plan.  When I find more I’ll be sure to let you know but for right now these are the ones that I’ve used to tether with success.  

Paul Sylvester

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