How Much Tin Foil is too much? Why do we need to worry?


Tin Foil is all the rage!

I started this process, we we asked all sorts of questions about your Privacy and you.  One of the questions that was ask was about How much Tin Foil and how much do you need to wear on Security Now. I tried to listen to all of it and absorb as much as I could and I must say that we do not know how much data is actually being leaked to the NSA!  I don’t know how much you can prevent the NSA from getting your personal information and if you decide to do what this poor guy does, I have to wonder just how well this will work.   So I thought we should at least touch ground on this the episode and trying to figure just what you could do to get some peace of mind.

Opting Out!

I don’t think it is possible to opt completely out of the NSA wiretapping and have them over look you.  Likewise I don’t think they will ever leave you alone even if you did nothing wrong in the first place.  The question though that must be asked is how do I protect my civil liberties and make sure they follow the rules.  Again, I really don’t know the answer to this question but I believe VPN4ALL is one way to tell them that you don’t want to be tracked and spied upon.  Whether they listen and only do it to those they deem possible terrorist, I can not say.  I will say though, they are a sponsor on my blog because they have paid for one year of service for me and every time someone click on that link and orders their prouct, I get a little revenue.   

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I really wish we could see the process and know just how much they collect on every US citizen and who over see’s this.  There is of course a process an I am unsure as to how well that is being used or if it is in the process.

GNU Privacy Guard!

I’ve started to use this and It isn’t bad but I am sure it isn’t the only thing that we can do  to protect our privacy and try to keep out personal from getting to NSA.  We still need come have a way to get our emails to being sent even though your encrypting the message the meta data is being sent in the clear and thus the NSA still knows who you are and when you sent it.   We have to wonder who will force companies to allow sending email through SSL and not just in the clear.   This would greatly make it harder for anyone to get that sensitive data and your information would still be safe from prying eyes. 

I’m going to look for a service that does just that but I am not sure who I would trust with my personal information, hopefully a company out there will become available.  How Much Tin foil do you use to protect your privacy?  I’d love to hear your answer in the comments section!


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