How to tell if that account is fake. (From Personal Experience)

On Average — 1 in 10 is fake!

I joined (affiliate link) and sign up with the three-month membership.  I must say it was nothing I was expecting. Me and this woman online started talking on their in under a day we switched to the Google Hangouts and have chatted for the past week at least on and off.   I’ve been loving the talks, and we have talked about everything from sex to secrets in dating!  I’ve been up front about almost everything that wasn’t to personal and we are finally going to meet in the next few weeks.  Even though Venturebeat talks about one in ten profiles are scams.   I do not like scams or for that matter and I try to avoid them at all costs!

How to defend against Scammers!

There are ways to find out if that profile or that picture is possibly a scammer.    I will say that even these techniques are not a 100% guarantee and you will have to ultimately make your own decision on if that person is actually real or fake.   If you take my advice you’ll be far more likely to find the real account and keep yourself from getting hurt.  Although again, it isn’t going to be 100% perfect, you could still find those scammers who are more diligent in their scams.

Details are everything!

If you find a match on (affiliate link), Zoosk, eharmony, or OkCupid.   You will need to do several things before you email them or chat with them.


  • Search for their Pictures  — Download or find the link to their picture on the dating site and do a reverse picture search on sites like Tineye.comBing, or Google.  These are the three you should start first and try other sites that have similar abilities.
  • Profile search — Copy the text of the profile and search Google and Bing and see if you find other profiles with the same text in either whole parts or over 50% of the same text.   Even though it could happen it is unlikely that the profiles would use the same exact wording and styles.
  • Self Employment — if the profile says they are self-employed then that is another mark on the profile and you will have to be careful.   It doesnt’ mean that it should disqualified all together but it should make you keep on the look out for them asking for money.


Most of the time, these are the red sirens in the mind that should go off if you do come across a profile that is questionable.   If you find two or more of these that are on other sites or same site with different name and profile.   You can bet that it could very well be a dating scammer.   Only way to know is time.


The Chat sessions!

If by chance you found someone who doesn’t have any of these 3 things going on with their profile.   You should start talking to them but you need to do these steps until you finally meet!

  • Picture exchanges — if they send you new pictures you have never seen before, you should go back and find the most likely photos that might be used on other and see if those pictures come back with hits to other sites.   It not be as bad as you think but it should kept a constantly making sure the person is real.
  • No money — Tell the person after you get to know them your stance on not giving money to them or anyone else until you have physically met them.   Even then you should be cautious after the first meeting because they could very well be scammers.   Again only time will tell.   If you throw out this to the scammer, they will stop talking to you because they know they are wasting their time on you.   It is a good way to weed out the fakes accounts from the real ones.  The ones that are really will understand not try to get any money from you.
  • Be Honest — Be honest with yourself and them about your goals and what you are wanting from the relationship can help decide if they are truly meant for you or some other person.   If you try to hide these things, then you will not succeed in finding that perfect match.


If you follow these simple steps, your less likely to be scammed and thus you are will have a much enjoyable experience in your dating attempt.   Nothing is set in stone with these steps but I am sure these will help you in finding your perfect mate for life and help you avoid those scammers!

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