The RCA 7″ Tablet with 8gb Memory (RCT6077W22) battery Dilemma problem!

The RCA Tablet 7″

When my kid got this tablet (RCA 7″ Tablet [Amazon Affiliate Link]) , it was the one thing that got her excited.   She saved up the 70 dollars to buy this in March.   It wasn’t more than 3 months old when this started to happen.   The symptoms of what happened were quite interesting.


  • The battery wouldn’t keep charge
  • It would get really hot while charging
  • it would go from 100% to 50% in under an hour

these were just a few of the symptoms that it was showing signs of the last days of the battery.   One day I looked at the tablet and it was split in two.   I thought one of the kids did it but in fact the battery pushed the back off.   The tablet wouldn’t turn on or anything.   So I had to go through some hoops, but finally I found the right number to call to replace the 7″ tablet which is (877) 284-7942.  In the end it took 21 minutes to call and get a new tablet sent to me for my kid.   

Final word

All in all, if I ever get another tablet it probably won’t be from RCA but maybe a Hisense product.   I’ve got the 32″ Hisense Television (Affiliate Link) and I am really happy with it.   So I have to believe the HISENSE Sero 7 Pro 7 Inch 8GB Tablet (Affiliate Link) will do or be just as good as the television.  Even the RCA mobile Phone that I bought wasn’t that good to begin with. Hopefully the next tablet will last a few more months so I can give her a better tablet for christmas!

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