Windows 10 and Version 10586, What you really Should know!

Microsoft Windows 10 by Global Panorama

Microsoft Windows 10 by Global Panorama

Windows 10 Preview 10586

I’ve been in the Windows 10 Preview club for over a year now and it looks like they are getting better at some of it. While on the side of drivers, Printers, and Monitors, we still have some problems to work out. I’ve been absent the last few weeks due to having some family and medical issues to work out. So we are going to talk about the problems that I have seen and what they have done to fix some of the problems about Windows 10.

Manufacturer Drivers Resetting

If you have a special driver for Printers, or even Video drivers that are from the manufacturer and not from Microsoft, you will need to keep the driver file someplace on you computer for when you have a new OS upgrade from Microsoft.   I went from 10565 to 10586, When you upgrade, you will always have the drivers from Microsoft installed and not the ones that you have installed.   So you will need to re-install all the drivers that you might need for you devices.  Driver Backup will help alleviate the problem for some.   I haven’t had much problems with this little utility but it doesn’t do automatic backups!


Display Resolution resetting

If you use a different resolution on your Monitor other than the most common 800 x 600 display setting.   After upgrading to a newer version on Windows 10, you will have go back and change the settings back to the resolutions you like.  This seems to be a hit and miss problem to some because it isn’t happening to everyone who updates their Windows 10 OS to the newest version.   I haven’t figured out how to fix the problem but maybe someone else has!

Windows 10

Seems to be developing better and working better but It still isn’t perfect.  I am sure that in the coming builds they will possibly fix some of these minor problems and hopefully we will have a more stable operating system.   Until then we just have to work around the flaws.  If they do we will find out really soon!

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