Why I started using Audible and Some Audible Suggestions!


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I love Audible.com!

I’ve used Audible [*] for the Past month, to help me get some house work done. It has been a really enjoyable.  The reason I started using Audible was a simple one, I got tired of going to the Library to borrow one of their books just to come back later on to borrow it again.  I seem to be have a few favorite books that I like to go back and listen from time to time.   With Audible, once I own it, I can listen to it as many times I want in my lifetime.   I also like the fact that I get a new book credit every month and this can go towards even the most expensive books that you normally would be buying at cost.

Audible and me!

I started this journey a month ago, for the fact that I have wanted to get away from renting audio books from the library and because they tend to not have all the right selections for my taste.     I’m an avid Science Fiction fan and Audible has the best possible selections for me.  I also tend to use these audible books as I am walking a treadmill or walking around the neighborhood to get me my daily exercise.  There is so much TV I can watch at the Gym, and this just make it that much more interesting for me!

The other fact of the matter is that there are several science fiction audible books that are in the Young Adults science fiction section of the library.  I usually get a look or two from the clerks when I borrow audio books such as the Harry Potter Series [*] or Honor Harrington Series [*], which both considered Young Adult in some libraries!

Some of my Audible Wish Lists are:

So I wanted to give you a few recommendations to listen to on Audible.   I havent listened to all of these but they do look quite interesting once I get all my Harry Potter series.  I’ll start listening to these after that!

I also must say all of those links, are Amazon Affiliate Links, and It cost you nothing to buy these books but I get a small commission every time you use these!  This is just a small list of books or series that I want to buy on Audible.com [*] and then I will be able to listen to them at my leisure and I must say it getting better and better every time I start listening to one of these series!

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