Windows 10 : How to play DVD without buying the app!

Home from Walmart? by Dave Lawler

Home from Walmart? by Dave Lawler

Windows 10 upgrade

If you have upgraded but missed the chance to get the free Windows 10 DVD Player from Microsoft.  It’s trying to get the users who don’t know any better to buy the app instead of finding the free versions that are available on the web.   I am going to show you two different ways to be able to run you DVD’s on Windows 10 without having to shell out any money to Microsoft.   I’ve used Windows 10 Preview version for Months, now and have come to the conclusion that if you can get past the privacy issues, it isn’t really a bad system.  I’m not really happy with how they are doing the get app idea because I can still download apps and install them like normal, so why do I need an App store?

K-Lite Codec Pack

This little pack has been used by me and others for several years at least.  It comes with a little old Windows Media Player Classic(Came with Windows XP, I believe) application that has been test by me to work with Windows 10.   A warning for those who don’t read the installation messages, they want to install to programs that can be consider crap-ware (If it is a term) that you should just click DECLINE on both.   I also suggest installing The Full version or even the Mega version of K-lite Codec Pack, even though the standard also has the Media Player Classic in it, you might as well make sure you have all the codecs that you might need.  Once installed, you might not find the application in your start menu and the only way I found it is by searching for it.  It however is in the K-lite Codec Pack, when you go to All Apps on your Start button.

In truthfulness, this seems to work the best in Windows 10, so far.   However if you prefer a much more open source option.

VideoLAN Player (VLC)

This one comes packed with VLC Media Player and has a little of a learning curve for the ones who have never used anything else but Windows Media Player or even the Windows Media Center.   You can do several different things like stream videos to a TV or on the internet.   You can capture and record off of a DVD.   That however has problems for those who do it.   The problem is that it can be consider breaking copyright and you could get in trouble.   I still love to use Handbrake to all that stuff anyways.  It just makes it much simpler and easy for those who have never done it before.  The only real benefit to use VLC is that you know people are looking at the code and might help keep your system safe.  If you know how to use VLC then go at it with playing DVD’s but if you’re a newbie, I’d suggest sticking with the Classic Player and using that.   Far less problematic for those who have never used anything else but that.


As you can see there are plenty of options available to those who have no choice but to use Windows 10.   I’ve only touched on two applications that can be used to do DVD playback on Windows 10 but there are certainly even more options and applications out there that might fit your need.   If you like this post please consider liking the post and liking my Facebook Page.  Also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, so you can keep up to date on when I post new content!

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