Solving the Random Shut Down Issues on the Nexus 6!

Google Nexus 6 _ 7 by Techstage

Google Nexus 6 _ 7 by Techstage

Understanding the Problem!

Most of the time, when it happens you may never know why it happens. I am here to tell you why and how to solve the problem.  When I bought Nexus 6 Unlocked phone (32 GB), I didn’t buy a brand new one with a warranty, I bought a used one knowing full well that it might have problems later in the next months!  I didn’t expect it to be so sudden and quickly, but it did for one reason or another.

I’ve tried everything from Re-installing the Android Nexus 6 ROM from Google directly and thought that might be the reason of it just shutting down because of a random file corruption in the file system.   I then found out it might be the pattern unlock causing problems on the Nexus 6 and that it might be the reason it is turning off randomly!

The Real Problem!

If you know anything about batteries, then you will know why it was shutting down without warning.   If you don’t here is the reason,  most lithium Ion batteries have a dead man switch that once a layer/cell discharges completely, there is a switch that prevents it from discharging anymore and can’t be charged or discharged anymore permanently.  It can be considered like a dead layer/cell switch, where it prevents the battery from exploding or causing problems like I’ve seen in the past!   It prevents the cell from being recharged because the problems that comes with a dead cell trying to be charged or used!  So when the Nexus 6 Battery shuts a cell off, the phone doesn’t know that and thinks it is still active and fully charged.   The problem comes about when the battery tries to pull from that those now inactive cells and the phone dies!   It tries to switch to the next cell that has juice and it can’t, this is where the randomness of shutdowns come in.   Some cells are in the first to be used and the others are in the way back where they will hardly ever be used!   So you know what that means!

Battery replacement time!

When I did the battery replacement, I used the guide from IFixIt Site!   It is however is not where I went to buy the battery!   I went to my favorite site,*) and bought it from them.

(*)I get a small commission from using the Amazon links provided but it doesn’t cost you anymore than clicking these links.   If you don’t want to help support my site please feel free to go there directly.   I’ve done the work and love Amazon for all their technical stuff!

What you will need:

This is all you really need to replace the battery but be warned if you do this, you are voiding any warranty you might have on the phone.   I didn’t have a warranty, so it was a no question on my part.   This may or may not fix your problem but I am confident that most of the random shut down problems are related to this in one way or another!

After installation

After the installation of the new battery, the phone will get warm the first time while it charges to 100% but I’ve noticed it hasn’t done it again after that!   You should also allow 3 to 3 hours of continuous charging of the phone  before use with the Nexus 6 rapid charger(*).   This way the phone can know that the battery is a new battery and not the one that was in it earlier!   You should notice like I have it that it no longer randomly shut down or turns off!  I’ve had the new battery in it for a whole week and no more random shut downs and it has been on continuously for a whole week!  So take that as you may and I hope you enjoy your phone as much as I do!

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  1. Thanks. I had a feeling and ordered a new battery but when I opened my devise the power ribbon from buttons to motherboard was burned apart. So I wrongly assumed that was the only issue and thanked the Android gods the battery was cheep. Kept it too. After waiting 2 weekend for 2 parts for power ribbon did a quick check before reassembly and it was good! Than… random power offs. Didnt power off on charger. So I found this bit thats writen here and again, thanked the Android gods for giving me mind not to return battery!😉 So I will be reinstalling a battery, and hopefully will never have to mess with a T4 Tork screw again or have to open this phone again.

  2. Hi there I’m facing the same problem. I mean the exact same and its getting worse and worse.

    I think the quick charger is defective. But i would like to ask if a simple battery replacement would fix it totally.

    There’s nothing on motherboard or related that could be broken and won’t catch well the battery status?

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