4 Problems with Bots in Pokemon Go and Why Niantic should fix them!

Pokémon Go by Darren Mark Domirez

In the beginning

It was cute when Pokémon Go was first released and people just had to show Niantic how people could easily hit their max level of 40!  Now let’s be clear about this, he did us a bot to get to level 40 and he was quite clear about it on Reddit.  So we already know that at least 5 months ago or more someone somewhere was using a bot for an example.   No one in their right mind would be able to say no one is using on Pokémon Go.   I’d even wager that Niantic has in the past tried to solve this very problem.   It however seems to be a never-ending story.

Really Good Pokémon

The real problem with some one using a bot is a simple one.   The game is designed to be played in the cold, heat, day, or night to catch these elusive really powerful Pokémon.   When a player has a very powerful Pokémon, like a Snorlax, or a Dragonite, then you will be able to do so much more stuff.   There are even players who have other regions of Pokémon such as Mime, which can only be gotten in Europe.  We will come back to this!

Egg Hatching and Star Dust

Stardust can be used to Power Up any Pokémon in your collection. For example, you can Power Up a Rattata using Stardust acquired by catching a Meowth. You obtain Stardust whenever you catch or hatch Pokémon of any species.

This is a constant problem because while some one uses a bot to walk 3 or 8 or even 10 miles per hour.   As they hatch 2k, 5k, or even 10k eggs you get 400 to about 3,000 star dust per egg depending on the egg.   You also get candies for the egg that you hatch but that is something like 5 to 35 candies depending on the egg also.  You can read the Reddit post if you want to know even more.   The point of this is that I’ve seen crazy amounts of star dust from players and I am wondering how they did it.   This is definitely one way they could have done it.

Inventory full

You can have a full inventory, Potions, full health, poke balls, ultra, and great.   The inventory also helps you such as reviving your Pokémon who have fainted due to gym battles.   You also can have the full amount of potions for healing your Pokémon.   This will be talked about later. When Niantic stopped people from doing drive by poke stops, this has been a problem for trainers.   Niantic has made it impossible to spin those poke stops while driving above 15 to 20 miles an hour.  This is also a problem for trainers who are not using bots and the people who are using bots are getting way to strong.

Gyms and Battling

Now we are getting to the main problem of why people are using bots to do this.   Players who have the really good Pokémon, and has enough supplies can bring down a level 10 gym and do it faster than a normal person.   They then can put their very powerful Pokémon into the gym and use them to collect Star dust and Poke coins.   Poke Coins are simply virtual currency to buy supplies from the game shop, such as incubators to hatch even more Pokemon, or lures to draw even more Pokémon to an area and camp.  We know what we can do with the Star Dust. The problem now with this is there is no easy way to report players who have not been anywhere close them to do those things.   If a bot is doing this, then there will not be anyone else around and you will see it on the screen and wonder who they are.  Then you might not know or take the difficult task of reporting the trainer.  We will talk about a possible solution at the end of this post!

Possible Solutions to the Problem

While I’m no big programmer, some of this seems to be so simple that I’m surprised Niantic didn’t do this already.   We’ve already heard about soft bans, hard bans, and even player deletion from botting.   This will always be a problem but Niantic seems to be reluctant to get the players to help.   We’ve got officer in every city and state so why can’t Niantic get the players who want to help fix the problem involved.   It would be a simple process of adding a button to each gym trainer in the form of a flag or maybe even a report button.   Now I am sure Niantic has been logging what people do and where they’ve gone.   We all know we are being logged and they can use that to look for anything that might have been overlooked by the anti-cheating software.  We know that can easily be beaten and I’m sure it has holes that need to be fixed.

The other possible solution the problem is prevent players from getting the coins from the conquered gym by making them wait an hour or two before they can get the coins and star-dust from that gym.   Right now the problem is, you can collect up to 100 coins and 10,000 Star Dust every 20 hours even if you have to find 10 gyms to occupy for that small amount of time to collect that Star Dust.   While instead of making it easier for bots to come along and swoop in and occupy 10 gyms and then collect their greatest amount of coins and Star Dust.   There should be a least amount of time before you can collect from one gym and so on for the other gyms.   This way you give players a chance to prevent the bots from collecting money from gyms.

Final Note!

I urge every Pokémon Go player to share this article and hopefully someone higher up will see this and start making the necessary changes to the game that I’ve suggested to help fight unethical trainers who are botting.

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