How Dating Sites can create less privacy for you!

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Your dating profile!

As most of you know, You’ve got to have a dating profile for people who might want to talk to you.  So of course, you will probably have where you live or even maybe even your real first name, and if you are really stupid you’d even have your last name.  The profile also has your current age, and some other information that someone can use to find out even more about you.   The problem with this is that someone has enough information to start looking for you on sites such as Spokeo, PeopleFinders, Intelius, or even WhitePages.

Those are just a few sites someone who wants to find out where you live, if you have any public court documents, Your Birth-date, or maybe even other valuable information to steal your identity.  Most people don’t understand that aspect of being on a dating site.   You may even come across a fake profile from time to time!

Your Privacy!

I’ve already talked about how you really don’t have any privacy on the internet.  Although Wikipedia has a different take on what Privacy is:

Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively.

The problem with the definition from Wikipedia is quite clear to me.   An individual on the internet can’t protect their own privacy and even a group of people might be able to stop some of this but with sites being hacked daily on an ongoing process, it’s impossible.   Want to know what information is out there about you, just check out “Have I been Pwned?”   I find that site really useful just to know if you have anything to worry about.  It however is just one site in a dozen or more on the dark web that you may not know about that has that same information or more.  Your information is floating somewhere for others who might want to cause harm on the net.

Ethical Dilemma of it all!

On My previous post about Ethics of this very question, I’ve discussed the foundation of what the ethical and moral parts on about doing this type of research.  The problem with doing this is just that people think you are finding out information that they may or may not want you to know about.   It can be really scary for some who finds out.   They think it is an invasion of privacy but I have the right to protect my kids from abusers, or predators, or even from getting scammed.  There lies the problem, some people might have some scary background information that they paid the price for but it still is a valuable tool to find out more information about an individual then talking with them.   I believe people will intentionally lie about something just because it really still is a painful area in their lives.   Does that make them wrong or evil, probably not but it still tells you a story of where they’ve been and how far they’ve come.   So you have to take the information with a grain of salt and use it to better understand just who they are.


If you are really worried about what people might find about you here are a few books that might help you make it harder for anyone to find you on the internet:

Disclaimer:  I am an amazon affiliate and these links are affiliates.   You pay no more than the cost of the books but I receive a commission for when you buy the books with my links.   If you don’t feel I should get the money please visit Amazon directly and find these books there. 

Each of these have some very Good tips of helping your privacy.   I’ve not bought these book but they do look to have what is needed to help you keep your privacy safe on the internet.   This is trying to help those who might want to protect their privacy.   Thanks!!

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