Online Stalking — The morality and ethics of it all!

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Online Dating

So I met this really nice very charming woman on a dating site. It was getting interesting to say the least, I thought we were hitting it off and really enjoying talking to her.  The problem is of course the scammers and Nigerian hooligans out there that are just greedy and wanting free money.   Each time we meet someone online, there is of course the possibility of it being a scam.  The problem can be so scary when it comes to even considering dating online.

I know she may never forgive me and I might not ever meet her but I am sorry that people think that have illusion of privacy in society now a days.  This seems to be a major flaw in society now a days.   When I went to a local establishment for months in 2001, I found out that someone did a background check on me and I was quite mad but later I realize just how easy it was to order a background check on me and even others without much information.  I’ve said it at least once, but I’ll say it again we no longer have any privacy on the internet.  I’ve always considered myself somewhat a White Hat Security Researcher.  I’ve even found some flaws in a local company and reported to them but they made a few comments on other websites that I had to contend with.   No company wants to know they are vulnerable or that someone actually found a problem.  So I’ve been reluctant to give out my name and stuff to companies, instead I go the old fashion route of snail mail and let them worry about it for themselves.   That way they can be mad but not know who found out and retaliate because I’ve found problem.

Ethics Alone

We are all human we know right from wrong, or at least I hope so.   The problem with how far we should go to find out if someone is real or fake can be bit of the grey area, not really black but not completely white either.   We can go into detail of just how ethics of finding out about people can be we are searching for something that is wrong or something not quite right.   We could also summarize that we don’t want to be hurt by someone, the pain of finding out that they didn’t fully trust you can be heart breaking to say the least but the truth of the matter.   When you tell someone something in a message can be just that an easy way to say anything that may or may not be true.

Morality of it all!

Morality is ‘principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.’  It closely goes with Ethics but ethics comes from one person where morality is a principle in society.   Morals of a person can be good or bad depending on what society thinks of the person in question.   That being said, we all either strive to have a good moral being or just don’t care and have a bad moral being.    Because society will also judge us for our poor choices and that can be good or bad depending on how ethical we were when society finds out our poor choices.  It goes hand in hand with our actions but most people don’t understand that part of it.


The last note in this blog post is to the woman I hurt, I will tell you I’m truly sorry and I’d wish you would forgive me but that may never happen.   I know we have never met and we may never meet but I don’t want to have those negative thoughts that you may have of me stop you from taking chances.   I am sure being that I am not alone in this attempt because I am willing to bet other online dating couples have had to tend with this exact situation.   I can’t be sure but I am sure I am not the only one.


Paul Sylvester

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