Windows 10 Most Common Problems : Is Microsoft really to Blame?

Windows 10 Upgrade by Raymond Shobe

Windows 10 Upgrade by Raymond Shobe

Windows 10 Problems

We’ve seen several different problems from Start menu and Cortana aren’t working to The Dreaded error codes.  I’ve been on the Microsoft Answers Page for several weeks and have seen many different views about how to fix some of the problems in Windows 10.  I have seen some major flame wars in the Microsoft Answers page about the problems of Windows 10.   I just can’t seem to grasp why so many are claiming to have problems and that I even had one person say that it is Microsoft Fault and they demand them to fix it!

Compatibility Issues

Seems to be normal with any new OS.  This is no exception to the rule.   When upgrading to Windows 10, Most if not all programs will need to be updated to be able to use Windows 10.   I’ve seen it a million times when I’ve installed a new OS that is just been recently out for a few weeks.   It isn’t like we are asking the developers to jump through hoops or even be able to keep up with Microsoft.   I’m sure some of the problems are from the Manufacturers and the developers of the programs at hand.   They just haven’t kept up with Microsoft on that part.   I have been an Insider for a while, and I was a BETA Tester for Windows VISTA.   So I have seen all sorts of problems.   Not to mention, Microsoft having to Scrap Windows 9 due to the majority of bugs that they had just in BETA!   I’ve heard so many people say they were distancing themselves from Windows 8 but they just had to throw it out when they started developing Windows 9, due to no legacy support!

Hardware and Driver issues

There are many reasons that may or may not be reproducible on Windows 10 but the best possible way to narrow it down is to down the news drivers for your Display, you adapters, and so on to help reduce the chance that they are the problem that something didn’t install or something isn’t working.   I’m not saying will work all the time but this has been the majority of issues I’ve seen while repairing systems.  Just downloading a driver is usually what fixes the problem in the first place.   You also might want to consider updating your Antivirus Software or even disabling it to help cut that could be the culprit in Windows 10.  Always have a repair disk ready for those times when nothing else works and you can trying re-installing Windows 10 by USB and try to see if this resolves your issue.   Just remember to backup any important files on your system before trying a complete install.

These are the Most common problems I’ve seen with Window’s 10 and repairing them.   Nothing is set in stone but I’m still questioning if Windows 10 is really to Blame or if it is the Manufactures who couldn’t keep up with the FREE distribution of Window’s 10!   After all we had similar problems with Windows 8.0 and 8.1, so I am inclined to think it isn’t Microsoft Fault about the speed of the Vendors.

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Fixing the “Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working.”


Critical Errors

It seems that I am not the only one who had this problem is Windows 10. You just have to Google “Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working.” and you come up with so many solutions to fix the problem that is if any of them work for you.  So I wanted to put the 3 main fixes on one page for those who don’t want to have to go search for all the possible ways to fix the issue.

Powershell Fix

The powershell fix works for some but sadly it didn’t work for me.   All these commands can easily be access by pressing the Windows key + R, or If you don’t have that CTL + ALT+ DEL and running Task Manager then Selecting FILE > Run New Task .   Here is how to do that:

    1. Open run command, type PowerShell and press enter to open it
    2. Right click on its icon on taskbar and select Run as administrator
    3. Paste the below script Or Type it

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Wait for the Powershell to complete the process, ignore any errors if displayed in the window. Try to open your Start Menu and / or Cortana and see if this fixed your program, If this doesn’t work.   Try the next Fix.

System File Checker (SFC)

  1. Open Run Command, browse to C:\Windows\System32 and Find
  2. Right Click that and run that as Administrator

It should start-up and it may take several minutes to complete.  Once done, Reboot your system and see if your System is working.  Although if it says it found corrupt files, it might be time to use Spinrite and check your other sectors of the hard before it is too late.

Microsoft Config Program (MSCONFIG)

This is Microsoft [Amazon Affiliate Link] suggestion on how to fix the problem.   It worked for me and it might fix your problem also.   It however is a not a temperament fix and thus the problem might come back in a few hours to days.   Usually this type of error is a sign of a hard drive problem and thus you should consider checking the HDD [Amazon Affiliate Link] for problems by doing a deep scan of the drive and trying to see if it is the problem in the first place.

  1. Open Run Command, and type MSCONFIG (Enter)
  2. Click on Boot and Check “Safe Boot” and then also check Network Like This:



  1. Reboot and once you’re in Safe Boot Go back to Steps 1 and 2 and un-check “Safe Boot”
  2. Reboot Your System

This however just forces Windows to pull the corrupted files from another location.   So you will need to have the hard drive  [Amazon Affiliate Link] thoroughly checked out or move your OS to another HARD drive if your really don’t want to risk a bigger problem down the road.  This one worked for me and I also did a complete scan with Spinrite which didn’t find any problems but then again.   It just needed to refresh the service.

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Ethics of Advertising : Small Website approach!


I say that with a little questioning because since I joined Google Contributor, I’ve found that I like supporting sites that I believe in. I contribute the maximum of $15 dollars a month to help pay other bloggers for their hard work, Like Arstechnica and Android Authority!  I did wish they would allow me to pay more than the $15 a month but that might be coming soon, I hope. I’ve got a list blog that I support freely. I can decide which blogs I want to give money to and help them pay for their blog efforts. This is what I call a Paid advertisement blocking, when it comes to Google Adsense. Have you been invited to Google Contributor? If not next week I will be running a small contest for those who might want to get an invite. So stay tuned. Even large websites have the option of using Google Adsense and keeping patrons happy from not seeing adds. It is the easiest way to say Thank you to any website you visit without seeing those advertisements. Who really needs ad-block applications? When you can just pay Google to do it for you and help those sites that have use it.

No control they say!

I went over to Imore to read Rene Ritchie post about the topic of Ad blocking and content blocking.   I am no Iphone, Ipad, or Even a mac Person but that blog post really got me thinking about the problems of advertisements and blogging.   Who really in the end pays for the the advertisement spots, or for that matter pays to have their adverts seen.   You know it takes at least 7 times before someone either clicks on an advertisements.  I know I am thinking that we either subconsciously see it without even really reading it.   Those animations have to do something to the brain while we are trying to not look.   So we try as we might but we are still seeing those advertisements while we read the content of the blog post.  We have the control over what is displayed on our browser without even trying,  we can tell Google in one way or another that the advertisement is inappropriate or it is spam.   If we only took the time to click that little “X” on the advertisement to tell Google Adsense, we could stop those bad advertisements from showing on our screen.   I do it from time to time when I see something that is questionable just like the scare advertisements on my Android device.

It cost money!

Let’s just face it.   It takes money to have a server, domain and time to blog.   It doesn’t come easy for me to come up with blog posts or even to find images to use with the post.   I have more control over what you see then other website because I believe it should be minimal and not overly broad and crowd the screen.   I know some of my readers are using an Android device and as such they do require special requests to keep it minimal.   I’ve always love to blog it is something that I will do even if I don’t make any or hardly any money from it.  I however also understand that it shows support of my blog when people buy from Amazon, VPN4ALL (Affiliate Link), BlueHost (Affiliate Link and current Hosting Provider) or other such affiliates that I support because I use their service or programs.  Would it help if added a affiliate page for people to visit to help support my site?  I have been thinking I might need to do that again for my blog to let people know where to go to help support my site!  What are you thoughts?

I’m listening and I will respond!


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How to save money on your internet cable bill!

Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem SB5101U

Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem SB5101U

The Rental

I’m was using the default modem that you get from any cable or internet Provider, and I was just fed up on paying them 5$ a month to rent their modem.   The idea behind the rental is a simple one, if it breaks they will replace it for free with another one.   The Truth of the matter is they often don’t break down that much and if they do it is only because they have been handed down to other customers for several years.   They will not upgrade the modem from a DOCSIS 1.0 to a DOCSIS 2.0 unless the modem is broken.   So I went yard selling with my kids this past weekend and found a modem that would suite me just fine.  It is a DOCSIS 2.0 and works just well the Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem SB5101U [Amazon Affiliate Link] for just 10$.   I was so surprised to find this in a yard sale.   I snatched this little puppy up and didn’t look back.

The Router

When I was contemplating getting internet, I decide to look for some good routers to use for my network.   After Much searching and looking, I found the NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router [Amazon Affiliate Link], which was in my price range and did what I wanted it to.   It was rated highly on Amazon and other sites for the Parental Controls feature on the modem.  I also got this for really cheap at a yard sale for about 20$, if I remember correctly.  This might sound strange but I am always looking for the best deals for used electronics at yard sales.   It is the best place to haggle and get what you are looking for. It however took some time to find the right modem when I went on yard sales.   They can be sporadic to say the least and may not be the ones that I am looking for.   I had a list of routers that I wanted to buy and had my mind set on those.  It uses OpenDNS for the Parental controls and is really has a solid WEB UI to help parents set up the controls the right way!

Complete Control

I now have complete control over what my kids watch and I don’t have to worry about what my internet provider has control over my connection.   They of course have access to what I am doing to a point but they do not have control over what I do with my network.  I can allow people on my Guest Network without worries or keep my kids off YouTube after 9 pm.  Which is something everyone should do! I am also saving 60$ a year because i did this! Now to find other ways to save money!


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How to Root Your Blu Life One (X010Q)


The quick Root!

I always hated to make the root process long when ever I get a new device.   When I first rooted the ZTE AWE, I had so much trouble because it was a proprietary device and owned by Virgin Mobile or at least the software owned by them.   The Phone I paid myself and was on a prepaid service so I had no actual contract with them.  Fortunately I learned my lesson and decided to buy an Unlocked Phone such as the Blu Life One (2015), so as not to have as much trouble.   I’ve also unlocked the Life View (Blue) by Blu also and have since used this phone as a Media Controller for my TV and my Chromecast and it is working flawlessly.

The Phone

I am going to share to you the quickest and easiest way to root the Life One and Life View by Blu Products.   This should also work with all phones provided by Blu Products but I would assume that sooner or later they will fix this in newer phones unless they really just don’t care that you have Rooted the phone.

When I did this the Phone had the newest build “BLU_X010Q_V1_GENERIC18-08-2015”  Which also has the Kit Kat installed on the Phone Version 4.4.4 for those that were wondering.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android’s subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or OS X.

Rooting will not void your warranty with Blu Products or any other such phones.   It however is used for mainly upgrading or replacing the OS with a new version.   It isn’t recommending to install a different ROM than what is already installed but it can help you to back up your Stock ROM for those days when the system just won’t boot.   This option is sometimes the only option to get a backup copy of the ROM before that happens.


I always loves to use an application in the phone to do the work for me.   So I don’t have to get in their myself and mess with the file structure.   The program today that I am going to recommend is called KingRoot, Great little app that you do have to allow third-party installation on the phone but it does root the phone in matter of minutes instead of having to hook up the phone to your computer.   With One tap you can Root and get SU access to whatever you may need to do with your phone.  It is an APK and thus you will either download it to your PC and move it over to your phone or just download it directly to your phone and make sure you Follow the Instructions to install the app.   Once you have the app installed you can then root it.  You may need to Unlock the Phone (Affiliate Link) before you can do this.  It however isn’t a big deal depending on the Phone Manufacturer.  Once done the next step is to decide if you want to install a new ROM or just to backup the Stock ROM!

Have Fun!

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Getting the Most out of your Cellular Signal for your Phone!

Droid Apps Cell Phone by Carissa Rogers

Droid Apps Cell Phone by Carissa Rogers

Cell signal Strength

It Seems to be a really good question for some. Recently, Some people have found my site with my one question about Straight Talk Signals and I thought it was time for a review of what I’ve found out the last few years about my experiences with getting a good signal for less than you can expect.  This article will deal with Verizon, AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Sprint, and Many other Cell Providers out there.  It isn’t the question that shouldn’t be left up to the carriers.   Most carriers have maps that will show you their coverage area (See Below) and thus you can make a pretty good guess as to which carrier will get you the best possible solutions for your location(s) or even Speed.  The more signal you have the better your speed will be in terms of streaming and using the web on your phone.   That being said we will talk about all the ways to get the most out of your cell phone.

The Cell Phone

Let us look at the Cell phone your using and have a few questions that must be answered before we can continue onto fixing your Cellular Signal Problem.   Is the a cheap Cell phone bought at a local store or did you buy the cell phone from T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon?  If you bought a cheap phone, you might want to consider buying a better one that might get a better signal for your place.   I have found some really good decent Cell phones that are under 100$ that might work for you.  Even if your aren’t using Straight Talk, these Cell phones can be used for other providers without limitations.   If you have bought your phone and you are on contract.   You can always Unlock it and take it to another provider without worries.   As long as you know that you will be voiding the contract with your current Provider.   You can do almost anything with the phone as you want.

Reception issues

Having been using my Unlocked Phone (Amazon Affiliate Link) for several years.   I’ve come to have a valuable resource helping me to find the best possible cellular Network to use in my area.   Not all networks are the same and as such.   The Website is called, and they have a massive amount of information about the Cellular Networks in your area.   They also have an App for Both Android and Apple Phones.  Although this site should help you with finding what will work for you.   Straight Talk has a Good Phone Activation with several different providers (Amazon Affiliate Link) that you can use with your unlocked.   They even have one for the 4G/LTE class of phones (Amazon Affiliate Link) and can really be used for almost any network.  If you are wanting to use Verizon Network with Straight Talk, they also have a CDMA Activation (Amazon Affiliate Link) for you to use.  On a side note, if you have a AT&T Phone and you want to use Straight Talk, just slide an AT&T Straight Talk SIM into the phone and it will work.   Just find the carrier that the phone is tied to and use the SIMS that is provided by Straight Talk for that Carrier and you will be all set to go.   I still say Go and Unlock your Phone (Affiliate Link) and use any carrier you want.

Well with this said, the idea that you can get a better signal with another cellular provider isn’t really a new idea but rather an old idea that sometimes people over look when they are looking for a cell phone for their personal use.   Just remember this is one area where you have to think carefully about the phone you are wanting to use and where it will be used at.

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Is your Cellphone updated? (The StageFright Hack)


The Ring Bearer by Matt Forbes

The Ring Bearer by Matt Forbes

StageFright and You!

So many blogs are talking about this vulnerability and since Defcon and BlackHat Conference is around the corner.   You should consider just updating your Android Phone.   There are several options available to you.  If the phone manufacturer has an update then you should update as soon as possible.   You can do that simply by visiting:

Settings > About Phone > Check for Update

Although this can be problematic at times. It can be the best possible solution to the problem at hand.   It just depends on when the manufacturer sends out the patch for this problem with their OTA (Over The AIR) update system.   It could be several months or sooner.   You can be patent with them or install a different ROM as you may have be able to fix this problem yourself.

Other Options

If your like me, you might feel the need to fix this yourself.  There can be some options of installing a different ROM. I won’t go into details about this but if you can do it, I would suggest you do it with the latest version possible.   It just depends on if there is a ROM Available for your Phone.

Places to Look for Some ROMS:

These are where I’d start to get the last possible ROMS that might not be effected by the StageFright Vulnerability.   We will only have to wait and for Phones, Tablets, and other such devices to get hit by this malware!

Blu Products and StageFright

I just got done talking with Blu Products over this issue and they have said since “No Reports” of any of their phones being affected by this Vulnerability, they do not have a patch ready for it.   So they are just hoping no one gets hit by this problem.   When it does, I will be saying.   I told yo so.   Come on Blu Products, you should be on top of this.    If I have more information, I will let you know.   It however looks not promising.

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BLU Life One 4G LTE (Unlocked) [Review]

Life One (2105) Black, White, and Gold

Life One (2105) Black, White, and Gold

*Disclaimer*  I had a chance to buy this phone for $99 SRP Price is $149.00 on Amazon a few weeks back and I this post will be talking about the phone.   Any links in this post will be to Amazon or others using affiliate links and will grant me the privilege to review even more phones.

The Phone

It comes with  a 5.0″ HD 720p Display; 13MP Sony IMX 135 Sensor Camera with LED Flash, 5MP Front Camera, and supports 4G LTE, (700,1700,2600),4G HSPA+ (850/1700/1900/2100). GSM Quad Band: US Compatibility Nationwide on all GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Straight Talk and others.  The OS is Kit Kat (Version 4.4.4) and Blu Products has promised that an update to Lollipop is on its way soon.  The Processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, 1.2GHz Quad-Core, 64-Bit architecture and Adreno 306 GPU and is really fast.   I was loving the speed of videos and camera photos that were easily being taken by the phone.

Comparison between the Life one (2015) and Life View (Blue)

When I first got this phone I was kind of disappointed by the size but I also know they have an XL size coming in the coming months that I might get to do a review on also.  Now since I had the Life View since last year.  I paid more money for that phone then I did with this but I must say.   For the money the LTE aspect of this phone has far exceeded my expectations of if I should have gotten this phone.   They’ve increased the speed of my web browsing and everything.   When I was using the Life View, it was slower and harder for me to get a good signal.   I just threw my old Straight Talk Sim (AT&T) into the phone and it worked flawlessly.   I didn’t have to deal with the configurations of the APN or anything of that nature, unlike the Life View.   Size is smaller than the Life View about 1/10th of the size maybe a little more than that.   It also doesn’t have any good cases that I can buy to protect the phone but I’m waiting for a good tough case for this phone to help protect it from drops and falls.   The Case that comes with the phone is at least better than no having one.  It is a Silcon based clear case and isn’t half bad.    The Life View came with a 12 MegaPixel Camera and both did a good job at taking pictures.   Although I’d say the new phone has more use than the old phone with the 13 MegaPixel camera on the LIfe One (2015).

Other Articles that you might want to  read about the Life View:


Finally the lower cost combined with the speed and less memory can make this phone a really good alternative to buying a contract phone.   The phone can be upgraded to 32 Gigabytes of space using a Micro SD card that can be put in on the other Sim card slot.   This will increase your phone capacity to up to 36 of Gigabytes of space.   Unlike the Life View, I couldn’t add more space to the phone.   I had only 16 Giabytes on the Life View.   So this phone can have more apps and more space for my photos.  This is a good phone for those who are looking for speed and who desire to keep it cheap.   You can do a lot with this phone and I’d recommend this for your Wireless MVNO carriers but I also know you can’t use this Verizon unless you can get the LTE Sim that will work with the phone.   Coverage and speed are a real good sign that Blu Products is making strides and I can’t wait to see what else they make in the future.

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Backing up you Windows 10 for Free!


Backing up is important!

If you were one of the many Windows Insiders who got the last version of the Preview and you would don’t want to go buy a Windows 7 Professional Key, or even a Windows 8.1 Key from Amazon.  This is then you will want to make an Image of the Windows Drive.  You have several options on how to do this.   Use the free partition manager that comes with Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, and Windows 7 and create a partition that you can use to backup your Windows 10 partition onto.  You will need to have at least 50 or 60 Gigabytes of space to make an image of your Windows System.   You can use a Portable Hard Drives that can be bought from Amazon.   This is the  best solution for the process of keeping that backup

Making an Image

Once you have someplace to use with the free Application on windows.  You will need to type “Backup” in the Search the web and Windows section of Windows 10.  Which will bring you to the “File History” panel in Windows 10:


You then will want to click on the System Image Backup in the bottom left corner.


Now that you are on the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) panel.   You will want to click Create System Image and you should create a Windows 10 Restore DVD disk for those just in cases where you might need to restore your image from the boot up screen.   Both of those are suggested by me to prevent yourself from losing Windows 10 Preview or maybe you got the last version of Windows for free.   You should backup on three different media devices to prevent any major problems.   Once those two are done you are set up to recover your Windows 10 from those Just for when moments that might have been a problem for some.


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A Few signs that you’re talking to a scammer!

date @ simone's 2324 by korafotomorgana

date @ simone’s 2324 by korafotomorgana

Dating Online!

I’ve been trying to find that right person on and I’ve even talked some about scammers on the site. It seems that I’ve not had much success with keeping those scammers away my profile. It however hasn’t stopped me from looking at all the possibilities in my area! Even those lessons on what I’ve learned hasn’t quite sunk in to some, even me. I’ve still seem to draw those types of accounts my way because they know my age. I’ve not stopped searching on, it however doesn’t look promising now.  I am not going to stop looking but I’ve seen failures in the site and I wanted to throw out what I’ve learned while searching profiles and even talking to scammers on the site.

The WINK, Flirt, Or even Message!

It can be a new experience from people who receive Winks from someone at really late night about 2am or so.   If you are a night person and working the Graveyard shift, then it might not be so surprising to you but to me if you are going to receive an email from someone it should be your time zone.  So if you’re getting an email at 1 or 2 am it could very well be an 419 dating scammer.  That would 8am their time in Nigeria or even Russia and thus your the first people they contact in the morning.  It however isn’t definitely the case but it can help you start asking the right questions and make you just a little more willing to ask the hard questions.  I’ve even received email or even a becoming someones favorite at 2am.   So this is always my first sign something is fishy and you should be cautious.

The Profile

Reading the profile is the first step to seeing how real the person seems to you.   It can help you find subtle differences in how they speak to you.   It can also tell you a lot about how well they know the language.   For instance if they claim to be english only but you feel like they went through a translation matrix.   Then you know they don’t speak english or even know a lot of words for english.   However, you shouldn’t stop there.   You will also want to look at the pictures and ask some very good questions to yourself.   Some questions I always ask myself are:

  • Are these professional Pictures?  As if it was done by a really good photographer?
  • Does the person SEEM TO BE TO GOOD to be TRUE?  Using your past experiences can help you decide that.
  • Search for the photos using TinEye or even Google Image search.   Did you find duplicates?
  • Did they put their email address is their profile?  (caution some people just don’t know any better.   It however can be a good sign.)

If you answered more ‘Yes’ then ‘No’, then you just might be talking to scammer.   Here are a few other signs that you are talking to a scammer.

Chatting with the Person!

Actually just emailing the person and talking to them can also tell you about their behavior and just how reliable they are to be a true person of interest.   If the scammer has problems with words and doesn’t sound very knowledgeable about spelling that can show how well he/she doesn’t speak your language very fluently.   Some other signs are:

  • Does he/she mention that they are having a problem communicating and suggest moving off the site using email or even texting?
  • Does the communication seem to fast and furious and make you want to commit to not looking for anyone else?
  • Do they compliment you a lot in hopes to make you “Fall in LOVE” with them?

As you can see if you answered more Yes then ‘No’, you are on dangerous ground.  I won’t go into detail much more because that should be making you very cautious of the person and you have to decide just how far you are going to go with this person.   I’ve always said, don’t send money to people you have never met and definitely don’t fall for them saying they need this for pain or to help pay bills.   If they are truly going to be the one for you then they will understand it and accept it.   If they can’t then it might be time to go look somewhere else and know that you might have learned just one thing from the meeting and write it down so you never forget.

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