How to use Virtual Box with Spinrite. The Easy Way!

Virtual Box and Spinrite

Virtual Box and Spinrite

Spinrite ISO is Needed!

If you haven’t purchased Spinrite or have a copy from a friend, then this tutorial will not help you. I have also included a bunch a batch files to help you with using Spinrite with Virtual Box.   Although the reason for this is that you need to have Direct Access to the hard drive in question.   If you haven’t download the Spinrite program or don’t have the ISO then you will need to download the Spinrite program.


Now Click Create the ISO or IMG File


Save the Boot ISo or IMG to directory of your choosing!

Virtual Box

Now if you haven’t downloaded Virtual Box, now is the time to do it and install it.   I will not talk about how to install this on Windows.   This is going to be a Windows required for my Batch files.  Once you have that installed you are most of the way there.   You should create a Spinrite Virtual machine:


It gives options such a 64 megabytes of Read Only Memory (RAM) but I prefer to go 512 if I have the memory that I can use.   I wouldn’t suggest anything under 256 Megs of RAM but that is just me.  I’ve heard others who have used 128 Megs of Ram for this experiment but it is totally up to your preference.   Then hit next,  it will want to know if you want to create a Virtual Hard Drive.   I recommend just saying no to this option you will come back to this later anyways.   Unless you have already done the batch files then you should select using existing Virtual hard Drive.

Once you created the Virtual Machine, then you will need to Right Click on it and select Settings.   You will then click on Storage and remove the Floppy drive and then click on add attachments


You will then Click on ADD CD/DVD Device.  The other option is ADD Hard Drive which will be used for The VIRTUAL BOX direct access file, see below.  This will open up and you will then find the Spinrite.ISO and open that file!  Close out of Virtual Box!

All Set for Spinrite

Now that you have Spinrite virtual machine all set up.   You next step is go download my batch files and put them in:


it has everything you need to use with Virtual Box plus More.   Once you have extracted these batch files to that directory you will see a cmd shortcut link.   This link is what you will use to get to that directory.   Right Click that link and select RUN as ADMINISTRATOR.   The reason for this is the Virtual Box will need that access to have direct access link for the hard drive you are wanting to create the access for.   It is all technical but basically it won’t work unless this way.

Your First batch file that you should run is


(This will simply show you which drives are on the system.)  You will want to take note on the drive numbers and figure out which drive you are wanting to Spinrite.   The one that you want to Spinrite is the one that you will want to use on the next step.

VB_DISKS.bat [filename] [Drive #]

You shouldn’t use any extensions with the filename.   It will automatically add the VDMK extension that states that is a Virtual Disk file.   It is primarily used for VM and is a good choice for direct access files.

You should see Virtual Box pop up and you will want to go back and then add the drive to the Spinrite virtual machine.   See above for details.   The directory that the direct access file is going to be in C:\VM_DISKS, so look there for the link file.

*update 5/12/15*

I’ve updated this batch files to no longer need to know the drive before hand.   All you have to do is add the filename.   You will be asked if you know the drive # and if not it will display it for you.   So you will skip a few steps that were previously mentioned.   The diskpartlist.bat file has also been added to this batch file.

Run Virtual Box Session and you should be set.   Once done you then need to run:

VB_Restore.bat [Drive #]

If you get to many files in that directory and you want to clean up the directory you should then just run:


It will delete all VDMK files and restore it to what was there before hand.    Two Other batch files that you might want to use are:

amazon.bat [browser]  (IE, Chrome, and Firefox)

Donate.bat [Browser] (IE, Chrome, and Firefox)

If these are useful and want to help support my efforts, I strongly recommend using one or both to help support me.   Using the amazon.bat file for every time you buy something from amazon gives me a commission but cost you nothing.   Donating via Paypal is also an option for those who wish to tip my efforts.   Thanks again!

I will be updating the shared folder for future edits and putting even more stuff in the file so keep watch and come back often!

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How to Watch your DVD movies without getting of the couch!


We’ve all Heard about Copying DVDS!

The problem with that is that some people take it way to far and start to sell the copied DVD’s at flee markets or on the black market!  This is unacceptable to me, I however will warn people that it is illegal in some if not all countries and shouldn’t be tried, unless you own the DVD in question.   If you do not own the DVD than You do this at your own risk!

That being said, I will talk about how I can play all my DVD’s that I own on my Hisense 32″ LED HDTV 32K20DW [Amazon Affiliate Link].  I must say it was unexpected to be have DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and it allows my TV to connect to my Windows 7 / Linux Mint  computer.   I have a dual boot situation on my Laptop, because of what I do with my computer!   I must say that the Linux Mint isn’t bad and comes with a lot more options than you normal get from any Linux distro.   It comes with full multimedia support and some really good applications that I do not need to download already!

I’ve also got me a 4 bay Drobo with 4 X 1 TB hard drives.  I found a place that sells the bad Hard Drives for 5$ each and I take them and repair them with Spinrite to use with my Drobo

Let’s Handbrake This!

I must say the Windows Version seems to be really buggy, so that is why I used the Linux Mint and installed Handbrake on it. I actually had no major problems installing and using the software as long as you know how to use Linux. It can be difficult because the file system and commands are strictly uncommon from Windows. There is a curve learning curve to use Linux but once you figure it out, it becomes almost second nature!  Handbrake can be used on IOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and Other Linux distros depending on the availability of the kernel being used in the Linux OS!

You will need to provide the source DVD or file.   You can point the location to:

/media/username/” or “/dev/disk/by-label/

This will work with most Ubuntu systems but it might not on others.   So you will need to search for it on your local system.

Now depending on which system you will be using to stream this video to your multimedia TV, you will need to select either Universal or if your have an Apple TV, you will want to select that.   A Fair warning that the High Profile setting will take much longer to copy and takes more space on your local hard drive.  So be mindful of that.    You only have one options to use the MKV format and it works just fine on my Hisense HDTV.   So if your having trouble with streaming from your local system to the TV, I might add just change the file name extensions to ones that Window Operating systems can stream like an MP4, AVI, or m4p extensions to allow Windows to see it and be able to stream it.   I use that little trick to get Windows to share the MKV file to my TV, which I did test and could do the MKV file without any support.   I also can plug in a USB Stick to use to play Videos, Pictures, or Music on my TV.   So I know it can do all this!

Streaming Videos

When I started this project, I was having trouble with the Windows Media Player.   I decided to go searching for a better DNLA Media Server that could do what I wanted to.   I finally went to the TVersity which does a far better job at sending the Videos and being a Media Server.   You can also try the Universal Media Server which does some of the things that you might want but I found that to be a little to complicated for me.   The TVersity was much simpler to use for my needs!  I have been streaming my DVD’s to my TV with no problems since I started the project but it just depends on how hard you try or how long it takes you to encode all the DVD’s to the Hard Drive

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Straight Talk changes their stance on Unlimited!

Straight Talk changes the rules!

When the FTC slapped Tracfone, Straight Talk, Net10, Simple Mobile and Telcel America with a 40 Million fine for the unethical practices of “Throttling Speeds” when they were advertising that it was “UNLIMITED”.   This is a win for the customers,  It seems the FTC believes if you claim unlimited, it should be unlimited and not with a catch.   So I also found out that I might be entitled to a refund from Straight Talk.    You can head over to: to find out how to get your refund from Straight Talk and other such Mobile networks.

The New looks!

Straight Talk has started to change their look to meet with the FTC rules for advertising unlimited.


On their homepage, at the bottom of the page we now see the words:

*30 day Unlimited Plans include 3 GB of high speed data per 30 day cycle. After 3 GB, your data speed will be reduced to as low as 64 kbps for the remainder of the 30 day cycle. If your data speed is reduced, the reduced speed may impact the functionality of some data applications, such as streaming audio or video or web browsing. Straight Talk reserves the right to terminate your service for unauthorized or abnormal usage.

As you can see they are still going to advertise the unlimited aspect of their service but I’ve found a disturbing little problem with their unlimited plan now and I will talk about it soon.  It isn’t as it seems to most but I’ve found a problem with the service and I will talk about soon!

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The Invalid IMEI Renovation! Fixing those Silly Numbers!

Androids by Martin Linkov

Androids by Martin Linkov

What is IMEI?

IMEI stands for “International Mobile Station Equipment Identity” and it basically helps to identify for every phone out their.   To help with theft of phones and stop phones from accessing the network.   Thus when you have a phone that have two different SIMS on the phone, you end up with two different IMEI numbers which can be anywhere from 15 to 17 numbers for each and it is sometimes not written down anywhere on the phone itself.   You have to go into the settings to find both IMEI numbers and write them down for later references.   This was where I went wrong, I never wrote those two numbers down for backup purposes.  I however will go into detail about this later on in the post.   I am going to go through 2 different ways to change the IMEI on certain types of phones.   Each phone is unique and thus it might not always work for your phone.   You can try all three steps to see if it works for your phone but ultimately, you might still not be able to fix them with these three ways and you will have to do even more homework to find out other ways to fix your problem.

First Way

This one isn’t reliable as others said.   It never really worked on my US based phone but it might work on yours.   You first will dial “*#*#3646633#*#*” on your phone when you finally get to the last # you will then be taken to the secret Android menu engineer menu.   You can also get there with the MTK Engineering Mode.   This does the same thing as the dial code.   So you just have to decide which method you will want to use to get to the screen.  I followed the steps from both Dailytwocents and Protechlover’s website(Thanks to for the Webpage display) to put new IMEI numbers for your phone.  I used the free IMEI Number Generator to create new IMEI for my phone, since I didn’t backup those numbers in the first place.   I couldn’t actually backup those numbers when I was have the Android Loop Problem.  Unfortunately this didn’t work for my phone, but it might work for your phone.

Second Way

I then tried The MTK Droid Root Tools that I had to search around to find out.   This method seemed to work well with my phone.   I can change the IMEI from being ALL “0’s or 1’s” to the generated ones that I got off the IMEI Number Generator and got the Phone to see my Dual Sim card and I was able to once again use the BYOP plan.   I didn’t have to have Straight Talk send me a new sim which probably would have been the same.   If you follow the instructions provided by the XDA Developers Forum.   The program worked rather well for what I needed it to.   I also used the tutorial from Youtube to help me understand how to replace the IMEI using the MTK Droid Root Tools.   It was rather helpful, for me to see how the program was used to fix the Invalid IMEI problem.   This seemed to work best for my situation and I didn’t have to try an other possible solutions to the problem.

Did this help you find the information you need?  I’d like to know how you fixed your problem!   Just leave a comment and help others find the best way to fix their problems!

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The Unconventional Guide to Android Boot Loops!


The impossible becomes reality!

I was at work when this happened. Phone was just acting up and I thought it was high time for a reboot of the system. So I told the system to reboot and I waited for it to reboot but it just kept on seeing the screen with the Blu Products (Amazon Affiliate Link) display and it would just vanish and then it would just reboot again. I knew I couldn’t pull the phone battery because there is no way to get to the battery. So I knew about holding down the power button to force the phone to shut off, just like pulling the battery.  Holding the Power button does the same thing when you want to force shut down a Laptop.   I was told that I probably would have to buy a new phone and that the Phone was toast.   I just smiled and said we’ll see!  I was stuck at work with no phone, but I intended to go home and research this.

Starting Off!

I knew how to get into the recovery mode in Android.   So I started playing around with my Unlocked Phone to figure out how to get into recovery mode for the Life View because it was a little different than usual.   You have to Press both Power + UP + DOWN then hitting the up button when you see Recovery hit UP and Factory Mode hit the Down volume key.  I was able to get into recovery mode with the Android laying on it’s back with the Exclamation and seeing “NO COMMAND”.   I had several options Like Wipe/factory Reset and Wipe Cache.   I also had “Sideload with ADB”, and several more options.   So I went searching about ADB Sideload and I even tried to side load boot.img and other such image files in hopes to fix the boot record to stop the infinite boot loop that it was doing for me.   It kept saying that it aborted installation.   I knew either I am doing this wrong or that wasn’t the way to do it.   I tried uploading the Zip files a ROM that seemed like the STOCK ROM for The Life View.

 How I Fixed it!

I must iterate that If this BRICKS your phone permanently then I am not at FAULT.

  • Download the Preloader MT65XX Driver For the Life View By Blu and Install it on your System.
  • Download the STOCK ROM for the Blu Life View(which is already ROOTED)
  • Download and Extract the SP Flash Tool (Get the newest Version)

On a side Note, the Flash Tool maybe consider a trojan to some antivirus programs.   So you may have to white list this program to use it.   I’ve not had any problem with this program after use and it seems to be working just fine.

The Scatter File is already with the STOCK ROM, so you just use that with SP FLASH Tool.   You must first hit Download and then plug the phone in.   If your phone doesn’t turn on but you hear the chime from Windows every time you plug it in.   This tool will also solve that problem .  It is call a Soft Brick because the device can still be access through the flashing tool and be re-installed.   Once it has been download unplug and then you will want then want to do the FIRMWARE > UPGRADE button and plug the phone back in.   You may have to just unplug and plug the phone in until it starts.   I had to do that several times because Windows was being picky.

  • You may also need to download the MTK Partition APK for the Life View.   I am sure I caused this but you will want to make sure you put it back to what it was before.   4gb for Phone and 12Gb for Storage, because mine was a 16gb Size.   I put it back to what it was before this happened.

On my next post, we will discuss the issue of the having an “Invalid IMEI” and how I solved that with this device!

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Vigilink Vs Skimlinks! Who really wins!


Vigilinks1Comparisons of Both

Seems to be a very good choice for some, It can be very good way to earn money without actually doing the link work.   This isn’t going to be a normal review for either of these guys because I am not entirely sure which one is better for your site.   This however is going to talk about the sites and how they did with my site in comparison to what I could potentially make either one of these sites.   It really depends on what your website is talking about, and I’ll talk about that more farther on down.

Understanding the situation

To explain the many differences you see up in the picture.   I first need to tell you that I had used Skimlinks for over a year and Half and thus you will see that I made over a 100$ easily for the year and half.   It however doesn’t show you how hard it was for me to configure the what links I would allow and which links were disallowed.   You see I take pride in my website and I do not want any links to linking to any bad websites or malware sites.   So I am constantly watching for the links that I will accept or links that I will not allow at all.  It is an effort to keep you the reader safe from any possible trickery from malvertising!   That being said, you can see where I am constantly looking to keep from becoming affiliated with sites that I do not trust.   All my sites that I recommend are ones that I trust completely and as such you can be assured, I’ve done my homework on these sites.

Pro’s and Cons

I’m going to talk about each things that I have seen and the differences of each.   I can’t emphasize this as much as now that each has some unique qualities and that can’t be an understatement.   The main reason, I started using these were just for the plain fact that I wanted to make money on stuff I talk about everyday.   So I’m not impartial as some can be but that is because I have put so much effort into the blog and want to make money for my hard work.   I am sure this isn’t the first blog to think about monetization of their blog space.

Let’s start talking about Skimlinks:

  • Really designed for the blogger who is constantly selling books, computers, or reviewing products.
  • It can be time-consuming to get approved.   I’ve heard it could take up to three days but When I signed up it was the same day approval.
  • Really Good Widgets, tools, and even some high commissions on products or services with their merchants.
  • They pay with a minimum of 10$ with either paypal, bank transfers or check!   Which it makes it more convenient for the people to be able to deposit into their banks accounts easier.
  • Reporting of Earnings are more detailed and you get to see more about what was bought but also it less confusing to use.

Now Viglink is a little different!

  • Poorly designed for the average blogger.   You really do not get to the widgets unlike Skimlinks.
  • Smaller amount of Merchants but you can still have about the same types such as Amazon, Ebay, Target, Best Buy, and products that can be used to help make you money.
  • They use both CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action).   This allows you to make some money with every click.   The more that click a link or even click word will result in you getting a small amount of money.
  • Higher Earnings Per Click, this translates to more money generated for each click and in turn you get more money than with Skimlinks.
  • Reporting of earnings are less detailed.  This can be kind of confusing to those who are wanting.

Both Skimlinks and Viglink both allow you to see which merchants are available for their network and as such you can pretty much see there will be a large selections to choose from.

My thoughts so far!

For this site, I will be using Viglink for the next 6 months to see if I get even better income than I do with Skimlinks.   I predict that I will get to the 100$ mark quicker than when I was with Skimlinks that took a year and some months to get that high.   I’m going to wait and see but this will be the final test to see which one pays better.   If I get to the 100$ mark faster than I am pretty much going to stay with them and not use Skimlinks.   I however am not saying to depend on what I’ve said but to test it out yourself and see which one gives your more money over time.   I’m willing to bet Viglink is going to do that unlike Skimlinks.


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A Dash of Amazon in every Click! Or is It?

Amazon Introduces the DASH!

Amazon Dash seems like a good idea but how does it really work.   As it being April 1, 2015 and this came out yesterday, most people were unsure if this was really a prank or an real product.  I however, seen this coming from the start of last year.   I have always said Amazon will be a contender with grocery stores and this seems they are aiming at getting you to order even more products from their site without actually having a display.   I’ve got my doubts on this device as well but not that it isn’t real but the security of the device in hand.

So many Questions!

I’ve got so many questions about this device and the only way to solve this is to get one of these things and try it out for myself.   The problem so far that I have with this device is how do they send the request to Amazon (Amazon Affiliate Link).  So I have encrypted my internet with WPA Version 2.0 and if they are going to be wireless then how will it will connect to my WIFI.  I do have a Chromecast and I did have to set it up to my Wifi by connecting with it wireless.   The problem with this is I can wireless connect to Chromecast directly to configure the device, so if the Dash does this then we will see people with drive by hacks and either ordering excess amounts of products to prank the person or they may just install their own firmware.   Then we’d wonder what they can get from this device.   I’m not worried about my Chromecast.   There is nothing that can happen with my Chromecast because it doesn’t have the personal information.


I also have the questions of how do they send the request to the Amazon servers, will it be SSL or even SSH connection o their servers or did they not even consider encryption the orders because the device most likely can’t handle SSL 128 encryption.   The developers could think to themselves that no way could someone possibly abuse this connection or device.   I can’t wait to get this device and Wireshark the Amazon Dash (Amazon Affiliate Link) to see what is actually sent to Amazon and see how you will be providing proof of your identity or if it is just linked to the account in question.

If and When

I’ve request an invitation to the device and I’m really just waiting to see if I get the invite to try out their new device.   If I get one, we will talk some more about the technical details of the device and hopefully the questions will be answered with me at least.   I’m sure I am not the only one who is worried about the security of this new product.   Will you try it??

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How Local Recruiting Agencies make the wrong mistakes!

Small Recruiting Agencies problems!

I got a voice mail from someone at hr-connects[dot]com, who said they had an active position that I might be interested in. I didn’t have a chance to call them back that same day, so I went home and decided to check out what active position(s) they had available and so I Google’d the company and found their website and I went to there OPEN positions and it as you can see this is what I saw. Either they do not care about their website traffic or they do not have someone who is constantly working to update their website.

Either way they are loosing valuable business opportunities by not having regular content updates on their website.   Google, Yahoo, and other SEO’s will not keep updating their indexes with new content for people to find their website and possibly call for an active position.

Recruiters listen up!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that is one reason I didn’t call them back the next day.   I was hesitate of just how much they care about their employees or if they are just trying to get the numbers they need per month to keep the money coming in.  I’m not saying recruiters shouldn’t get a commission but in any small business the main focus should always be the employees and not the employer trying fill positions that are not qualified for that position.   I’m sure they aren’t doing that but you never know about other recruiters.   I’ve got a stable job and I really do not need to find another job right away.   If however I was looking the website looking like it does doesn’t help me to want to call them back, just because the look of the website isn’t something I’m comfortable with.  It however looks professional and I got to admit it didn’t raise any other red flags with me.

Looking Deeper!

So I was curious about what domaintools said about the website and its internal and external links:

Website Title HR Connects | Home
Server Type Microsoft-IIS/6.0
Response Code 200
SEO Score 94%
Terms 402 (Unique: 193, Linked: 64)
Images 3 (Alt tags missing: 3)
Links 31 (Internal: 28, Outbound: 2)

Registrar URL:
Registrant Name: Scott Titzer
Registrant Organization:
DNSSEC: unsigned

I did a search on Scott Titzer and it seems he has done several website, so his main job has done website design for a living.   He probably doesn’t have time to constantly update a single website.   I can’t blame him for that it isn’t his job to keep it going but to set it up for the small business.  As you can see they have two outbound and 28 internal but since they do not have enough rankings with, I can not decide how many inbound links they actually have if they have any at all.   They should also consider fixing their DNSSEC problem because it is unsigned and it could cause problems.   It also wouldn’t hurt to have SSL turned on all the way to make their site more secure for the ones who are security concerned.

Spam Filters

The link you are accessing has been blocked by the Barracuda Web Filter because it contains content belonging to the category of: Spam

The link you are accessing has been blocked by the Barracuda Web Filter because it contains content belonging to the category of: Spam

I went to my local library and this is what pops up when you try to visit their website on the library’s network. It kind of surprised me because you wouldn’t expect a recruiting agency from being blocked or categorized as spam site.   So it got me thinking, what type of activities did this local small business do to have a block at the public wifi location.   I can only guess that they paid for links or either that or paid someone to spam email people or organizations to get their business started up.   It  can be a challenge for some small businesses and they sometimes make some really bad decisions when they first start-up and I can understand some of it.   It also makes me wonder just how honorable this business but that is another topic all together.

If this business is to survive they will need to focus on their strengths and weaknesses and fix some of the problems that they have.   They may have to reach out to local business and ask for forgiveness for their mistakes.   It would get them in a better standing as being a leader in their hiring community.   I can only summarize what I have seen so far with their website but it just doesn’t make me want to jump on to their services right away.

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The Focus excitation experience!

Focus Stack Test by John Finn

Focus Stack Test by John Finn

Finding Focus!

We are all just trying to fight our bodies and minds to focus on a task or even to focus on our jobs.   We are constantly having to fight the urge to not to focus and to let our minds wonder where it wants to go.   This seems to be a clearly a hard step for me this week with me having to fight off this head cold and maybe even a sinus infection.   I thought this would be a good topic for those who might want to know, you’re not alone in this problem.   I’ve had the focus problem all my life and it just compounds the problem when I am sick.

The Focal point!

We all are constantly having problem with this in every day business or even family life.   I thought it was a good time to discuss how I get focused.   It isn’t going to an absolute way to get focused but it has worked for me in the past and it might work for you also.

  • Step out of Routine — This one seems to work well with me.   Nothing like changing the routine of your day-to-day lifestyle will help me to focus on what I want to do and carry out something.
  • Remove distraction —  This one seem to be something people have learned in the past and it seems to work well with me because I know any distractions will detour me from my writing goal.
  • Say No — Sometimes the hardest part of keeping focus is know when to say no to yourself or others and keep yourself focus on the bigger picture.   We have a tendency to feel guilty if we do not do what someone asks and sometimes just saying no helps to keep your focus.   It isn’t always about others but yourself.
  • Goals — I find having at least one Goal a week helps you to focus on the big picture and even then it isn’t as hard to focus on even the small tasks.   It however seems to help keep me going.
  • Less Clutter — Some call it De-clutter your lifestyle and keep your life organized which will help with keeping your focus going that you know what needs to be done.   It can be a very hard lesson to some and easy lesson on others because we all have our on ideas of what it means to clean or remove clutter.  So there is no right way on this one.


The idea that you can finally get to writing or to get something done can help you succeed in more ways than you can ever imagine.   The problem with focus is that now matter how much your try someone else has a better way of handling it or how to keep focus that may or may not help you in the long.   It isn’t an exact science when it comes to finding your own way to focus or to get things done but that is always going to be a process for at least me, and maybe you when it comes to focusing on a project.

What ways help you to focus?  How about leaving a comment and telling me how you get focused.  I’d love to hear how you do it.

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Windows 10 upgrade will be free for some!

Menu Start w Windows 10 jak w Windows 7

Menu Start w Windows 10 jak w Windows 7

Got Windows?

Microsoft has announced that if you could easily upgrade to Windows 10 for Free.  It isn’t quite clear about what this will do after the first year.   Microsoft has states it will ship this summer sometime and that you would need to have Windows 7 RTM or SP1, or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 RTM or S14 but the problem is what happens when you need to re-install due to hardware failure after the first year.   Will you be able to still download Windows 10 after you install your old copy of Windows 7 or even Windows 8?

Let’s Play Halo!

We have both Project Cortana, which is like Google Now, and you can use Cortana to find some Easter Eggs if you are into that sort of stuff.   I have tried everything I could come up with for Google Now and they have an extensive list of Easter Eggs you can try with your Google Phone.   Project ‘Spartan‘, which is a new Web Browser, they are retiring Internet Explorer and going to this new browser for what it is worth.   I’ve not had any chance to play around with this browser but it should be interesting to say the least.

Start Menu….

I am sure you’ve heard the Start Menu comes back to Windows 10 after the fiasco of Windows 8.1 and people complaining about not being able to get to their apps quickly enough.   I am sure this was something that some person thought it would be nice not to have the start menu but people just can’t navigate like they used to.   So people started complaining and brought it back.

I am sure we will see and hear more about Windows 10 in the coming weeks to months before they release it this summer so people can get ready but this is just some of the things I’ve heard and learned the last few weeks about Windows 10.   I’m going to go download the updated version of Windows 10.   I haven’t really played with it the last week or two so I can’t be certain, but I’ll keep you informed.

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