Windows 10 upgrade will be free for some!

Menu Start w Windows 10 jak w Windows 7

Menu Start w Windows 10 jak w Windows 7

Got Windows?

Microsoft has announced that if you could easily upgrade to Windows 10 for Free.  It isn’t quite clear about what this will do after the first year.   Microsoft has states it will ship this summer sometime and that you would need to have Windows 7 RTM or SP1, or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 RTM or S14 but the problem is what happens when you need to re-install due to hardware failure after the first year.   Will you be able to still download Windows 10 after you install your old copy of Windows 7 or even Windows 8?

Let’s Play Halo!

We have both Project Cortana, which is like Google Now, and you can use Cortana to find some Easter Eggs if you are into that sort of stuff.   I have tried everything I could come up with for Google Now and they have an extensive list of Easter Eggs you can try with your Google Phone.   Project ‘Spartan‘, which is a new Web Browser, they are retiring Internet Explorer and going to this new browser for what it is worth.   I’ve not had any chance to play around with this browser but it should be interesting to say the least.

Start Menu….

I am sure you’ve heard the Start Menu comes back to Windows 10 after the fiasco of Windows 8.1 and people complaining about not being able to get to their apps quickly enough.   I am sure this was something that some person thought it would be nice not to have the start menu but people just can’t navigate like they used to.   So people started complaining and brought it back.

I am sure we will see and hear more about Windows 10 in the coming weeks to months before they release it this summer so people can get ready but this is just some of the things I’ve heard and learned the last few weeks about Windows 10.   I’m going to go download the updated version of Windows 10.   I haven’t really played with it the last week or two so I can’t be certain, but I’ll keep you informed.

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Malwarebytes Pro Lifetime License ends Soon!

malwarebytes-6 by Andrzej Cybulski

malwarebytes-6 by Andrzej Cybulski

Malwarebytes Retiring Lifetime Licenses!

No do get me wrong, I understand where they are coming from. They want to continually make money every year so they can afford to fix the problems of the bad guys.  They obviously feel the pinch of not getting the money they deserve and thus they feel the need to have an Annual subscription base ($24.95 a Year) for that one reason.   If you haven’t bought your Lifetime License yet you really should consider do that before March 24th, 2015.

Get it Now!

You just have to go buy it before March 24th (Amazon Affiliate Link) and Activate it before 24th to get the lifetime membership.   You can buy it from Amazon.   I haven’t found anywhere else you can buy it for just $19.99.   This  is the last chance you will get to have this little jewel before it becomes a yearly pay date.   Even SUPERAntiSpyware did this, which is a disappointment for several people.   I have had their Lifetime license for several years now and love it.   The problem with this is that now you only get to choice a good anti-virus software and not have several in your arsenal to help keep your computer safe and secure.

Other Options

If your found out too late to do anything, I have search for alternatives and here are a few

Lifetime Licenses:

  • VIPRE Antivirus —  Sells a Lifetime license for $79.99 for 1 PC.  So this is definitely an option for those who want to keep from having to buy a license every year.  I’ve used this antivirus for a while and works decently.

Free Antivirus Software

As you can see a few places where you can get free Antivirus for your computer but it seems that it is never going to fully be the best option for anyone and you should just go ahead and buy a lifetime license for Malwarebytes (Amazon Affiliate LInk) or Vipre Antivirus.   After March 24th, buying that will not work for you anymore!

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My Facebook hack stopped working and How I fixed it!

Facebook by Master OSM 2011

Facebook by Master OSM 2011

Facebook Messenger? No thanks

I started Facebook a few days ago and I had not done anything differently from any other days. When I went to the Facebook chat section on the app and saw this:

Get started With Messenger crap!

Get started With Messenger crap!

My hack was working in the earlier this week.   I was really kind of mad there was no way to selectively choice which apps I should update manually or if I should just tell the phone never to update this app.   So I went searching for an OLD version of the APK for the Facebook.   I found one on   A Really good resource to find older version of apps that you like that got updated and you want to roll back to an earlier version of the app.   Most of the time, I can find the important files on this server but there are occasionally games or apps that you need to find it else where.

Prevent Automatic Updating

First thing I can say, if you do not want this to happen with any other apps, you will want to disable automatic updating and check for updates every month or so.   You will have to remember to not update Facebook and keep that APK on the phone when you do need to roll back to that version of App.  I guess i will have to do this every month on the first or so to make sure all my other apps are update to date.   I would love a way to hide the update in Google so i didn’t have to do this and just tell Google not to update this one app only but that seems a bit far-reaching for Google.

Steps to get Chat back!

First of all, I was getting tired of having my hack to always tell me it stopped responding, so I went with another users suggestion and use the Xda Dev teams recommendation and use the Facebook Enabler APK.  I don’t understand why we need to have another app on my phone that just used battery and data when the Facebook was all I really need.  You will need to uninstall the new version of Facebook and roll back to the Any version earlier than the 27th of Facebook.   So basically 27.x.x.x.x, 26.x.x.x.x, 25.x.x.x.x, … and so on for this to work.   You can get these from APKMirror or some other online place that you trust.   You’ll also want to enable Allow Unknown sources  and I recommend you also Enable Very Apps on the Android device!   If you do this the Facebook Chat should reappear in the Facebook app and you no longer need that naughty Messenger app to talk to your friends on Facebook.

Hope This helps and please share my post to help others with the problem also!

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Anthem Lies about sending out EMAILS! Bad MOJO!

Very Bad Anthem!

it isn’t every day you get this email from Anthem telling you about the cyber attack on their servers.   I am for one not going to beat a dead horse but this email quite surprised me.   I was at work, so I wasn’t able to look into this email very much.   I got home and started digging deeper into this email and reading it.   I was quite surprised to see links in the email and I thought, wow these guys do not even think about security.   It was that obvious that they would add links to their to the emails.   EVEN THOUGH They said in their email:

We know you might be concerned about clicking links, so Anthem did not include any in this message. However, some email programs and smart phones automatically add links. Remember, you can always type a web address manually in your browser instead of clicking through from this email.  [SEE PHOTO ABOVE]

Digging Deeper

So I was using Google mail for my emails now, so I said to show me the original email message.   This way I could see if they were telling the truth about not adding email links to this one.   It was false.   I found not only HTML links but also track back links to their site.   They even had an empty image pixel to let them know you read this.   I guess so they won’t get sued.


This told me one thing, they just plain lied about not including links.   This was an HTML link and thus their promises are nothing but uneducated.   I then dug even deeper to see what else they did in this email and I found something strange:

(<span class=”applelinksWP”></span>)

<span class=”applelinksWP”></span>


  • Equifax security freeze:
  • Experian security freeze:
  • TransUnion security freeze:


So what is the class=”applelinksWP”, I went searching and it seems to be technique in Apple to hide underline links in IOS.  I am an Android user and am quite astonished that they think I have enough money to buy anything Macintosh such as a IPHONE, or even a MacBook!

Story So far!

So I have to question just what their intentions are, if they are going to be public about their attack and keep people from asking even more questions, this is not the way.   Nothing they said or have said sits well with me, for the plain fact they weren’t truthful or that they tried to hide the links in their emails and they KNEW IT.   I’ll believe them when hell does freeze over.   Anthem, You made a mistake by sending out this email because It just proves you KNOW nothing about security or that you want to reassure the media and everyone involved that you were not at fault.   I say differently, you obvious need to learn to be more truthful!

Anthem Lies to the Media!

In the last part, Anthem announced a few weeks past that they wouldn’t be emailing members but that seem to be a lie also because the hidden Image source (See picture above) goes directly to their servers. Another point proving they do not keep their promises.

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5 apps for the computer repair technician!

30 Plus computers, 1.5 techs.  by Howard Jefferson

30 Plus computers, 1.5 techs. by Howard Jefferson

5 apps that I use!

In every tool kit we have our own special apps that we use to Diagnose and repair a computer that is acting up or just isn’t working right. This little post is about what I have used the most of in the past few months to help others who might want to expand on their application database. I am sure some people have their favorite but maybe it is time to expand it!



I’ve used this applications to remove some really nasty viruses or Malware that some exploit in the system. Sometimes even the clients just don’t listen to the technician who complains to them about not clicking on every link that is sent to them in emails or downloading from sites that look suspicious.  It however isn’t like you can prevent the client from doing the wrong things but at least you can get rid of those little buggers!

DNS Benchmark

This is a great little application to test to see if you’re having a network problem or if your computer is just slowing down.   If you’re having trouble getting on the internet this is a great resource for those who might be having a difficulty getting a constant good connection.  Sometimes it isn’t the computer fault but the DNS server who is so bogged down and can’t handle the bandwidth.

WSUS Offline Updater


This is good to have ready for those systems that just wouldn’t update any other way.   Seems some viruses or malware prevent downloading of the updates to prevent the exploit from being patched.   It also used to prevent the Microsoft  Malicious Tool Remover from being downloaded and used to remove that infection.  Sometimes though clients just don’t have access to the internet and this is one way to help protect their system.   Easily download all the latest updates to Windows and have them on the Go!

Drive Image XML


Sometimes even the client just needs to have their system backed up and they just don’t do it.  This little application is good to keep a back up of their important files for when trouble happens.   It can be very useful for those middle of the night calls saying they need a file or their computer won’t boot.   In which case this is a good little resource to have for those times they are needed.




I have used this program from time to time.   It is a really good way to get that data back quickly and easily and to test out the system before it gets worse.   There is a way to make boot up in the flash drive without much worry.  It has been a lifesaver for me and my clients from time to time. I’ve even used it to bring bad drives that people have written off because they know nothing about hard drive maintenance!

These are just a few that I use on a daily basis to help keep my clients safe.  Do you have any good recommendations.   I’d like to hear  from you.   What is your favorite application to use while fixing a clients computer?

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How eBay Can Make You Sick (RANT)


Ebay sign by Kazuhisa OTSUBO

Ebay sign by Kazuhisa OTSUBO

Some days!

So I had a listing on eBay and seems users think they have the right to get more from the refund than they paid. I really can’t understand how people think they should get more money for returning an item than they deserve. So here is the back story.

I sold a my old “SLEEK 3G Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster” on Ebay and then this buyer gets it and says the charger is wrong so I refund the Ten dollars to the user so they can go buy the right charger for the Amplifier in question.  He then claims the amplifier is not functional and is requesting a full refund.   So now I am having to fight this guy saying I should have to pay for the mistake and that he intends to get a full refund from eBay.   eBay in their infinite wisdom has said I should pay this guy back the full amount.   I am disputing that with eBay and the buyer.   I’m almost about to the point of putting my stuff on sale on sites besides eBay.

eBay Protects buyers

I went searching for how eBay Seller Protection on Google and I found an excellent resource for sellers on eBay.   The problem with eBay is that they never really protect the seller from dishonest buyers.   I feel that eBay should not always side with the buyer because they do not want to upset where they make money and their commission.   I am not happy with eBay, and I should state that if this keeps up.   I’ll go somewhere else to sell my stuff and let the buyer beware.   I am not going to refund the full amount when I receive the item because I have already paid him 10$.   I seem to think eBay will not listen to sellers and I hope they will listen.   Has anyone else had problems with eBay?

eBay made me sick so far

The topic of eBay and how buyer can force you to accept returns even when you clearly stated no returns.   Sometimes buyer remorse seems to be the most reasons why they say they want their money back.   eBay doesn’t understand about products that are for sale on their site.   If they truly understand all the items or had someone who was knowledgeable for each area on eBay then I wouldn’t have to fight this person left and right!  I’m pretty much done with eBay.   I might go somewhere else to sell my stuff!

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How WireShark Helped solve a Network Congestion problem!


Verifone x510 dial-up by korifey13

Network Congestion Issue!

It was a very peculiar day for me, it wasn’t like I didn’t want this new client of mine but they seemed to be having problems with the speed of their network and it was just way unbearable to use. I came into the office wondering with a little knowledge of the company. I’ve been there before and had a friend who knew me who recommended me to his boss to fix the problem.  So I started to work on the problem at hand, the client was told that he needed to buy a new router and that would solve his problem.   The problem was that the router wasn’t at fault and the real problem was going to be found out!

Router installation!

Installing the new router that he bought before I even stepped into the client’s office was nothing to major.   He bought an ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router RTN66R [Amazon Affiliate Link].   It however isn’t just for office work but it was a very good choice for the small office environment.  I updated both the wireless connections and LAN connections.   I also told the client that the password should have both letters and numbers, upper case and lowercase.   Even though, this isn’t actually a very importantly needed but it makes brute force attacks so much harder.   Even though with enough ARP snooping, there is a good chance someone can figure out the password and get onto the network but that is besides the point.

The problem surfaces!

After we got all the wireless networks up and running, I did some test and found no problem until we started plugging in all the Cat 5 Cables [Amazon Affiliate Link] that also connect all the devices to the router.   We’d see the problem from all over the office almost as soon as we plug-in all the cables.  We’d see the network just slow to a crawl in as few as 5 minutes of everything plugged in.   I first thought that the frayed cords of some of the CAT 5 cables were to blame so we started replacing at least one of the cables when I noticed that only one cable that was causing the problem.   Whenever this one cable was connected the network would act this way.  So I followed the cable to the source and saw that only one device was connected to this cable, ti was a Verifon VX510 used to payment options.

Spanning Tree DoS!

After looking over the device it was saying “NO *GO VARIABLE”  and I was curious about what it was doing in the background.   So I grab my copy of WireShark and bridge connections from my wireless to Lan connection.   I basically was the man in the middle and just watched what was sent and on the network while the device was active and connected via a Cat 5 cable to the computer.  It showed the  device was sending an almost constant spanning Tree request to the ip which isn’t being used by anything but a printer.  I didn’t know how to update the Verifon VX510, so I told the client that it was just bogging the network down by sending out those requests almost constantly.   I am sure there was an easy fix but this was far out of my ability range,   Since I haven’t used one of those devices in my business I let him fix the problem.  He said he’d have them download the software and stuff that needed for it to run properly and he suspects the programming of the device before he even got it was not programmed as it should be.   He said the problem began the same day they plugged that device in and they just didn’t put the two together.   So if you’re having the same problem then this might be the issue!

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Hard drives and Bad sectors what most people don’t know!

Broken hard drive? - Day 148 of Project 365 by Matthew

Broken hard drive? – Day 148 of Project 365 by Matthew

Is it bad?

So after my post yesterday and me going to show them that the sector was recovered.   They said that wasn’t really fixing the bad sector just moved the bad sector to an un-allocated unused sector.  All though the absurdity of just why a hard drives develops bad sectors is quite enlightening to those who know anything the internal hard drive mechanics.


As you can see even Steve Gibson agrees with me on the idea that hard drives are much more prone to have Bad sectors than most people are willing to admit or like.   When I first heard the guy say it is bad, I really wanted to ask him this question:

“If your car had a bad tire or even a bad alternator would you scrap your car?”

It’s becoming an epidemic for people just to throw away a hard drive and go buy a new one.   When the Hard drive can still be used with no major concerns or fears that you will lose your important data.

Hard drive Health

The notion that having a bad sector indicates your drive is on its way out is very far fetch to me.   Any number of reasons could cause the hard drive to have a bad sector, a Grown Defect is something that happens over time.   When any Hard drive is made, you could very easy have a small defect that over time just grows to the point of making a sector of the hard drive bad.   I’m not making this up either and HowtoGeek has a great article on how hard drives have bad sectors.

Growing up

I remember when I was just a kid that we’d have all sorts of bad sectors on hard drives and it wouldn’t stop my dad from using the hard drive.   You’d have to manual mark the sector as bad and move the contents to a new sector but it was routine in the good old days and we were glad to do it.   I never once thought of having a bad as anything but having a bad sector and the hard drives weren’t dyeing or seeing the reaper per say.   They will always have bad sectors on any hard drive you buy but the companies don’t want you to know that.   The bigger the drive space the more prone you are to have bad sectors.   It is just the nature of the beast.   I’m now working on a 1 tb Hard drive that I bought from them for dirt cheap to see if it is truly bad or if they are just trying to create even more waste.   Only time will tell.

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Hard drives that still have some life in them!


Local Retailers

I found a local computer repair store that recycles computers and sell them to prevent land fill waste.   They had what they would call broken hard drives that are bad.   I started laughing and said they not bad, they’re just misunderstood.   So I bought three of their BAD Hard Drives to test out with Spinrite.

SpinRite is a computer software program for scanning magnetic data storage devices such as hard disks, recovering data from them and refreshing their surfaces. The first version was released in 1988. Version 6.0, still current as of September 2014, was released in 2004.[1] SpinRite is run from a bootable medium (floppy disc, optical disc, bootable external storage device such as a USB stick) on a PC-compatible computer; it uses its own operating system and ignores the one installed, whether functional or not.

The Story so far!

I seriously have loved Spinrite for several years and have used it for multitude of situations that I could talk about in detail but this one story is really interesting because the local recycle facility kept telling me these were worthless and not repairable.   They even write “BAD” on the hard drive to prevent from using these guys in good components.   I decided it was time to use my registered copy of Spinrite to have some fun with these so-called “BAD” hard drives that the retailers didn’t trust or think was salvageable.   I started with the first hard drive which was a 500 GB Barracuda got really HOT and had so many seek errors.   I knew instantly the SMART controller was not working properly and swapped it with a new one.  The system picked this up and it was running much cooler and fixing problems on this hard drive.   The second hard drive, well it was another 500 GB Barracuda and it never got hot and as you can see the hard drive only had one sector that needed to be recovered (See Photo above).   I suspect it was the Master Boot Record that was faulty and this was why it was considered bad.  The rest of the sectors were working great and without problems.   I then took the last hard drive which was 160 GB Barracuda, did that scan and found nothing really wrong with it.   I then started a level 4 on that hard drive and it still didn’t find any major problems after 68 hours of operations for that hard drive.

Ebay these guys!

I’ve had an Ebay account for several years and it was time to use it.  I am going to keep at least one for myself as a way to keep a backup of all my data.   You can view what I am selling on Ebay now and maybe you might want to buy these two hard drives.   I’ll be going to the place this week to buy even more hard drives to test with Spinrite and probably even sell on ebay!   It couldn’t hurt, you never know when you might need to swap out a hard drive anyways.

Lesson so far

I am going to enjoy going into their shop this week just to show them I’ve got their hard drives working! I can’t wait to see their faces when I tell them they are running just fine!  I can’t wait for the newest version of SpinRite so I can have fun and use it on even more drives!

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Wifi Turns on due to Straight Talk App!

Screenshot 2015-02-03 at 1.04.19 PM

The Straight Stalk!

I’ve had a love and hate relationship with Straight Talk and I remember talking about their data usage in the past!   I must say I am still using my Unlocked Life View Phone by Blu, and have much success with this little phone for the past few months.   The problem of late is that recently I’ve had the Straight Talk app installed on my phone for convenience of adding airtime without having to use their website or even calling them.

The Low-down

As Straight is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) they make their money by not having to pay for the data while using their phone.  The problem is that they are constantly trying to make money by under handed tactics.   I understand that they are in the business to make money and that they should just consider the importance of telling users when you install an app that they will DRAIN your battery by turning on the wi-fi and keeping the app running.   Way to go Straight Talk, I would go to another MVNO that is also Unlimited if their was a good one around here.   They also say that you can’t tether your phone even when you buy the recharge cards.

If your wi-fi is turning on automatically this is the reason, it will connect to ANY available WiFi network without your permission and this could be an unsafe practice for people who use their bank apps on the phone.    I advice people to uninstall this dirty little app and pay over the web or on the phone.   Far safer than having this app installed on your device.

To uninstall the app, please visit the app on Google Play Store using your device!

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