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Hard Drive Recovery!paulsylvester_edited

I’m going to start offering to service people in my current area. If you live in or around Evansville, Indiana and you problems with Windows that can’t seem to be resolved. I am willing to look at it and try to save your most important data such as Photos, Music, important Documents, and anything else that you might have that you want to save.  I can repair and sometimes even stop the problem all together!

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I can do these things:

Fix registry errors, Computer virus removal, Hard drive issues (Failures and such) and even upgrade or update current software to work smoothly with your computer.   I do hardware repair also such as increasing the size of Hard drive, RAM, and in some cases the Computer Processing Units(CPU’s).   Each one of these will cost more but can increase your computers life expectancy for several more years.

My current fees are as follow:

50$ an hour + equipment needed to complete the job(new hard drive for example)

If I can’t recover your data, you pay nothing.   If I can get some data off your system you still will have to pay me for the service!

If your looking for computer repair and want to get a hold of me please use these two methods to get in touch with me.   Either way is fine or both if you really need help!

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